Friday, November 12, 2010

Loki anyone?

Hey whats happening people,

Just a quick update before I go to the local organize by Karl..

So anyone prefer Loki than the 2 other faggot?

Why Loki?

He's a mage = More easier combo

He looks evil

He has Vanity Bullet as an attack name... How cool is that

He looks like Sagi the dark clown

And his effect its just one of my fav..

So why not Loki?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Laval Vs Flamevell? Which is better? Solutions for Flamvell and Laval?

p/s: I shit you not I actually wrote this 2 weeks ago on draft and my freaking internet connection was cut... and it was fix only 2days ago..

Warning, this post is base on only my personal opinion and it could be actually wrong or disagreeable by most of the players.

Whats happening bloggers,

Had you see a purple dinosaur walking outside your house?


Its was outside just now

I swear I wasnt lying ><

Oh well.....

*That actually indicates how bored I am...

Was on Tag force 5 that day finding out some new ideas to mod my freaking Flamvell deck, and was curious about Laval archetypes. So I decide to build one, and meh~ aint as good as flamvell, but fun and playable..

Flamvell has Lots of Searcher, retriever, attack gainers and good tuners and good support but bad synchros monster

Laval has dumper, attack gainers slightly weak tuner and good synchro monster

Conclusion: Flamvell is better, Not being biased because I actually own a Flamvell

So basically how flamevell work ? ( For those who dont know)

Gather 7 dragon balls from grave, and resurrect shen long to grand a wish.


Gather Bunch of Flamvell to the grave, Rekindling Spam synchro, and Win...

So how Laval works?

Gather bunch of Laval in grave, and removing them in grave to gain effect. And hardly could spam to win.... More of a control type.

So you had a main idea of how this 2 archetype works

and what are the main problems?
-Slow gathering
-Hardly survive if your opp is oppressing you
-Weak attack (except for flamvell dog)
-couldnt survive on their own
-you name it

To fix the problem, certain solution is needed..

So, how shall we speed them up?
Lam personal favorite, Hamster , Ryko , Lyla and Charge of light bridgage... to gather bunch of cards in the grave.
-Disadvantage- you might mill 3 of your own rekindling... judging by how lucky you are

Hardly survive?
-Boost your traps.... then you might survive a little longer before your flamvell or laval can perform their combo. Ryko is good for survival, if you destroy the right stuff.

Weak attack/defence?
-cant help you with that , go talk to konami, however there is attack booster like flamvell baby or laval...erm somthing that added attack by removing it from the grave.

Couldnt survive by its own?
Refer back to ow to speed them up... Pure Laval or Flamvell Sucks and couldnt survive by it own! Yes I said so...

So yea this is basically bout it...on what kind of problem they faced..

Hope you guys like this,

Thanks for reading

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Double Post!! Pedo Bear rape Ruka!! Scarlet Nova/Shooting Star Flamvell FTW

Hey whats happening bloggers,

Just gonna make a quick post before I go to crash

Happen to find one of the Tag force 5 duel video on my FB

and I can say its AWESOME...

Deck Pedo Bear using: Flamevell Synchro - Shooting Stardragon/ Scarlet Nova version!

okay guys,

Time for this bear to crash,

enjoy the video

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

Skyscourge undead deck list + Failure of My blue eyes OTK...

Hey whats happening bloggers,

Just a quick update on the current deck list I am playing...

Skyscourge undead

Mezuki x1
Plaguespreader Zombie x1
Dark Arm Dragon x1
Goblin Zombie x3
Zombie Master x3
Phantom of Chaos x2
Gorz, Messenger of Hades x1
Tragoedia x1
Dimension Alchemist x1
Armageddon Knight x2
Dark Greapher x1
Skyscourge Norleras x3
Darkness Despair x2

Trade in x3
Allure of Darkness x1
Hand Destruction x3
D.D.R x1
Armz Hole x1
Dark Eruption x2
Foolish Burial x1
Recurring nightmare x2
Book Of Life x2

Torrential Tributex1


How good is this deck?
Depends on how good your skills and luck ar... You guys:.... isnt it apply to all the decks available... ( Lam get throw by smelly eggbombs and shoes)

Okay enough of skyscourge talk...

My blue eyes Exodia seems to fail...

Got any more detail references ?

okay boys and girls,

Thanks for your time..

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ideal vs reality? Meta vs Non meta? Flamevell lord with Judgement is a hell no!

Hey whats happening bloggers,

[HD]Lam here in the hood,

Speaking of ideal vs reality,

we could usually refer it to the deck that we usually build..

Ideally, it could otk, turn the situation around,controlling your opponent like snatching a mountain dew from a baby, or even blasting your dear opponent with kamehameha..

But in reality, you get otked easily..

This situation usually happens in none meta decks..

Take me for an instant

recently i build a skyscourge undead,

Ideally, its awesome! with phantom of chaos copying skyscourge norleas effect, boom send everything to grave, using mezuki effect s.s Zombie master or Despair from the darkness and oppress the hell out of your opponent...

Sound great huh?

Reality, Summon Phantom of chaos, got solem by LGQ, Trying to oppress with darkness despair, got oppress back by Ken's machina gadget... and sometimes mezuki dont even want to come out even I have 3 freaking goblin zombies..

So what makes a meta deck meta? By turning an idea into reality..

By changing the impossible to the possible

By buying a mountain dew from the 7-11 store... wait Huh???


Imagination is the key to lead your idea into reality...

Wait for it....
There's one thing you should know about me, i specialize in a very specific type of security...subconscious security

Ok ok that was a joke... no more inception bullshit...

However, the part of turning idea into reality is a Mfking truth...

Who ever thought off mass driver frog? It was first an idea, then reality...and topped

So for those out there saying non meta deck couldnt win or hardly win meta deck, true and yet not true.... Once again i repeat, changing your idea into reality and mod your deck well and eventually... who knows, non meta deck could actually win meta decks =)

So as an additional info,

tested out flamvell lord with judgement...

Its like what hokkien says, Kanasai( Like shit)... as that dragon never came out even once...

Wulf is eating my space.. so is the dragon..

Hence Just stick with my previos Flamvell lord which is much more stable with only 3 lightlords...

Was bored and currently addicted to Nuraihyon no Mago...

Blame the 7 hours jam while i was coming back from penang...

just added some narration thats all..

love the picture thou...

O'right homeboys and girls

Thanks for your time..

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Speaking of nostalgia..Kryptonite for Needle worm? and the first Vanity fiend and stronger?

Whazzzzaaaaaaaaaap people!

Sick of Needle worm miling your deck like nobodies business???

Sick of getting ftk by needle worm w/o doing anything?

No worries!!

With the newest technology,

HD Enterprise presents you...

The Penguin Knight!!

The Penguin Knight allows you to merge your deck and your graveyard and form a new deck when it is send to the deck to the graveyard by the effect of your opponent!!

How great is that!!

So peeps, what are you waiting for? Grab a piece of penguin knight today with the price of only 9999.99 USD and get yourself an addition penguin soldier worth full of 888.88 USD!

Call 1800-Penguin Knight Now- 0303 for more info

Terms and condition apply

Okay I am just kidding about the price and stuff.... I was randomly searching my junkyard and happen to find penguin knight... after all this years I got rape by worm... and finally I found my solution countering it....

Speaking of nostalgic...

I happen to find the ancestor of vanity fiend...

had it in my junkyard for over 8 years....

and didnt notice how great it is...

Jowgen the spiritualist

Discard 1 random card from your hand to the Graveyard to destroy all Special Summoned monsters on the field. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, no monsters can be Special Summoned.

See vanity fiend + destruction effect....

And it has a picture of Sanzo....

Light attribute which is good for honest...

Too bad it has an low ass attack...

or it will be GREAT!

Okay darlings,

Thanks for your time..

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dead Cat? Agree... Dead Bird...Nope

Hey whats happening bloggers,

Its me the purple dinosaur man again.

Its September 1st....

Which means it is the official dead memorial of our dear rescue cat....

Well.... Life goes on....

Regarding to the ban list,

Neko built is dead....
Yes I agree as Neko is banned...

Frog is dead?
FTK yes, Monarch No...

Weaken due to Cat? No... Still Strong as usual w/o cat

Nope... Still strong but not effective enough...
Japs still able to top with one whirwind...

No changes...


So many people asked me what deck I am playing or I had in mind for this current list?


These are my thoughts...

After watching bunch of TCG exclusive proxies played by LGQ.... Yes it is what I wanted to build..

Six Samurai
Reconstructing... Waiting for its revival...

Flamevell Lord
Playing... Working good.. Fast and Furious Style...

Had one... Watched Sung Li's plant... Got more inspiration to mod it...

So any deck that you guys had in mind? Or Started playing? Feel free to Share it in the comment section below or the Chatbox at the side...

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

p/s I did not want to put that university award thing ... LGQ asked me to try and put it there and see what will happen....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mill till you die....

Hey whats happening people!

Finally Re-Sit test is over...

Hopefully I passed or I get flunk in the face by my parents...

yea...Chinese Family Child abuse lol...

So I finally get the time to modify my deck again,

Fix some problem on my Flamevell deck...

And it mills faster ...

But it will be a pain in d ass when you over mill stuff like rekindling and heavy storm in it...

So still searching a safer and more controllable way to mill..

Anyhow heres the list

Flamevell Dog x3
Flamevell Mage x2
NeoFlamevell Origin x1
Flamevell Baby x1
LS Lyla x2(lend one from my fwen XD)
LS Ryko x3
Gravekeeper Spy x3
Descended of Gravekeeper x1
Dark Arm Dragon X1
Chaos Sorcerer x1
Summon Priest x1
Sangan x 1
Card Trooper x1
Debris Dragon x1
Morphing Jar x1

Charge of Light x1
Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
Rekindling x2
Magic Stone Evacuation x1
Book of Moon x2
Smashing Ground x1
Brain Control x1
Pot Of Avarice x2

Royal Oppression x1
Torrential Tribute x1
Dust Tornado x1
D-Prison x2
Mirror Force x1

The usual...

So if anyone is free enough, just try it out, and let me know , overall I in a few games with Nick, I got a tie score since his deck is tight... Havent try out on BF or Frog yet, Anyone happen to try it let me know =)

Thats all folks,

Thank you for reading,

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

Monday, August 2, 2010

Abusing Calm the Silent Gusta

Mental Master + Psychic field + Calm the Silent Gusta = Exodia/ FTK Burn

Source from Nick - owner op LP8000 blog

Guess why... LGQ had already know the answer as I told him just now...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quick updates/Random/Tourny Report 31.7.2010

Hey whats happening people,

It is I, the evil of humanity, had return from the underworld mwahahahaha!

p/s:Just Ignore me...

Havent been posting for the past week...

Deepest apology for my dearest readers...

especially Mike who asked me if I had quited yugioh for not posting for quite some time...

But I have reasons for this !!!

I know it was my holiday but I was busy since coming back from Singapore...

Went and did my passport... Cut my hair... sleeping... Mamak goofing ... and went to South Africa for Saitex Exihibtion to promote some product...

Just got back last Friday..

and felt glad to be back.

Lets start with some random stuff...

Stuff in South Africa is expensive...

Shops close at 5pm O.O

1 USD = 7.5-8.5 rand
46 RM =100 rand
1 rm = 2.17 rand

On the last day there , I finally got a chance to visit a shopping mall..

Hell remember what it calls..

I went to 2 local stores that sell cards and toys..

Found some TCG cards and wanted to buy it as a gift to LGQ and etc,

But I changed my mind ...

Yusei pack 1 (TCG) = 59.90 rand = 7.5 USD = 24+ - RM
Crimson Crisis (TCG) = 65 rand = 8 USD = 32 +- RM
Saviour Star tin ( TCG) = 330 rand = 41.50 +- USD = 165 +-rm

and finally

[HD]Lam - F.O.C

nak I m just kidding.

Anyway I was like TEH F*CK!! its F*king expensive!!!

I quickly put down the booste pack and head back towards the bus...

So thats pretty much for my SA trip...

and next...


Tourny Report 31/7/2010

Deck Used: Flamevell Synchro with debris and dandy ( this built is okay but not stable)

1st round: Zack
Deck Used: BF
Result: XOX
Round 1: Got control badly by BF
Round 2: Megaman(colossal) and stardust oppres the birds
Round 3:Bad hand and Zack pwn me like nobodies business...

2nd round : Didnt get his name
Deck Used : Scrap
Result XOO
Round 1: Wasnt sure with scraps effect and etc... So was in observant mode...
Round 2: Red Demon Dragon took the kill.
Round 3: Scrap twin got opression...Dark End dragon took da kill with a mere attack of 1600

3rd round : Cookie
Deck Used: Machina
Result: XOX
We wasnt playing seriously so hell remember how it went///

4th round: SORRY I forgot
Deck used: BF
Round 1: he win with oppression
Round 2: Win with flamevell dog + oppre
Round 3: RDD took da kill again

5th round
Win By Default... Opponent didnt show up..

Rank: 9... in tamil it is similar to the pronounciation as fag

Never felt this good before... it was a good day after almost 2 months...

Deck ideas is coming up next... Currently slacking at Com Lab waiting for the class to start..

Once again people,

Thank you for reading,

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old School Beat down!

Hey whats happening people!

Going to Singapore in 1hour time thats what happening ><

Business Trip ah!!! (Become Driver, meet customer, and baby sitter) So hopefully I will get some time to shop for Yugioh and stuff I like...

Playing Pro-street is kinda ridiculous...

This is bullshit!!! Why do I have to use your 428bhp GT-R34 when I own a 1020bhp GT-R34 or a 980bhp GT-R35 in prostreet...

This is like asking me to use Goblin Spy instead of Goblin attack force....

and when I play pro-street...

I notice that power is everything...

so I made some deck list.. on TG-4

It turns out okay...

But it doesnt have any strategy at all...

Before I start... I dont know if you guys notice or whatever, there is a new manga that is publish in shonen jump called SWOT... its pretty cool... and I kinda like it...So yea just go check it out =)

Goblin attack force x3
Goblin Elite force x3
Giant Orc x3
Chain Saw insect x3
Barbarous x3
Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast x3
Thunder King Raiou x3

Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
Giant Turnade x1
Smashing Ground x3
Fissure x3
Nobleman of Extermination x2
Forbidden Chalice x2
Shrink x2
Magic planter x2

Mirror Force x1
Skill Drain x2
Final Attack orders x3

Basic Strategy!!

Smash!!! KILL



see ? easy right?

I bet people are booing right now XD

Sorry if I had waste your time :(

Aite people,

Thank you for reading

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Two Bottle of NOS, and you are ready to go!!

Hey whats gwan people!

How's life my man?

Currently having my holidays,

This means plenty of time to do my own stuff!!

It started last week,

and I was bored and I installed NFS Underground 2!!

Classic yeah I know...

Bought a Corolla Ae-86 fer fun,

and added bunch of NOS to it,

and make it as ricer as possible....

and so it became something like this....

So Lam what is going to do with Yugioh??

Nothing actually....

Just find something to fill up to opening that fits the title :3

So what is this deck about?

Lets summarize it....

A dog, a mage, a nitro bottle and some gravekeeper that likes to ride a bike ( yes Marik I am refering to you =)

Remember an Old post that is posted by our beloved Rauzes?

The fire burning post?

yea the one with sean kingston fire burning on the dance floor...

and he mention about Dog+Nitro?

Yea and that gave me a fine idea of making a deck...

Imagine, Riding a hell hound with 2 bottles of NOS!!! Freaking awesome!!!

Okay here we go

Flamevell dog x3
Flamevell Mage x3
Nitrosynchron x2
Gravekeeper Spy x3
Ryko x2
Summon Priest x1
Your DAD x1
Zombie Carrier x 1
Dandylion x1
Debris Dragon x2

Rekindling x2
Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
Shrink x2
B.O.M x2
Enemy Controller x1
Smashing Ground x3
Pot of Avarice x2

Bottomless x2
Ejaculation Device x2 oops evacuation device....
Mirrorforce x1
Trapdust shoot x1

The usual stuff...

So yea have fun people... there is another deck list that I created which is inspired by Nick(lp8000 owner).... but due to the limitation of time I will post it next time....

So yea

Thank you for reading

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Is this Dark Knight deck?

Hey whats happening bloggers,

Last week I made a deck to fill my boredom,

at first I thought it might be shitty as hell,

but it turns out the opposite way...

When I duel with LGQ,

I ask what deck should I call it..

Then he said, isnt that Dark knight deck?

I was like huh?! Why

Because of Kurokishan...

Anyhow, its kinda fun to play, but...oh well... you know the catch....

Caius x3
BattleFader x3
Ally Genex Birdman x3
Armageddon Knight x2
Plaguespreader Zombie x1
D-hero Diabolic Guy x2
Sangan x1
Treeborn Frog x2
Tongue Twister x3
Dimensional Alchemist x3
tragodia x1

Allure of Darkness x1
D-draw x1
Dark eruption x2
Armz Hole x2
D.D.R x3
Heavy Storm x1
The Beginning of the End x1
Foolish Burial x1

Evacuation device x2
Mirror force x1

Kurokishan x2 (important)
Dark End Dragon x1 ( TCG player IM SORRY!!!)
and what so ever

Basic concept...
1.Spam DDR to synchro
2.Snatch your opponents mobs with Kuro
3.Draw as many as you want with tongue , allure and d draw
4.Dont whine when you fail....its just a fun deck...

Aite people,

Thank you for reading

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nats report June 2010

Hey whats happening people!!

So Nats its finally over!!!

I scrubbed as usual ><

It was a god damn mirror match lol

Machina Gadget vs Machina Gadget

But man it was good!!

Score XOX

!st round
Gearframe was not on my hand, only monster valid... Green gadget ( T__T thanks bro)... Manage to take the life till 900 at the almost end of the game with my Fortress... But got attack back by another fortress with an attack of limit removal and solidarity....

2nd round
2 Gear frame in my hand... Reserve for a good time and strike at once.

3rd round
GOT PWN on da SeCOND turn!!! Summon Gearframe, S.S fortress !!! EQP !! and set a bottomless.. Then He uses MST to blow my bottomless and Special summon CYber dragon. Then he uses Machina Gearframe to Take Fortress out and special summon it I was like wookay my last stand is to die with him with my fortress or sumthing like that... But instead he activate brain control and activated limited removal T___T

Got scrubbed, and went emo at the staircase.... ( not really lol I din felt a shit instead and went to enjoy my time with Nick and Soliel )

Well GRATS Michael for winning!! YOU OWE ME A LUNCH!!!

Met Amir?(Andrew's mate) at near 5 oclock and he smoked my Unicorn badly. This tells me I had to change back to my previous build.

Aite people,

Thank you for reading

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey Whats happening people,

While you are wondering what the hell my title meant....

I better start explaining before you guys beat the crap out of me.

" Awakening of Machine, End of Samurais, New power --- Karakuri ( Doll Machines)"

So what are these Karakuri?

its a new archtype coming out in Starstrike Blast.

So whats the deal with these Karakuri??

I think its a substitute for six samurai....

or maybe just another archetype....

So What so great about these archetypes??

First... Their name...


Eg: Karakuri Soilder- NISAMU (2,3,6)
Karakuri Marchant- INASHICHI (1,7,7)
and Many more....

Next...They are really substitute for Six Samurai...
Some of you guys: Hell no!!!
Lam: Hell Yes!!

Proof 2: karakuri Disemble manual=unite of six samurai ( but weaker)
Proof 4:Ancient Japan
Proof 5: er.... no more....

Thirdly, They have stronger support traps than Six Samurai....
Timed Karakuri bomed.... is the bomb of the deck......

Fourth it has upgrading potential.... Hate to say it as a big fan of six samurai..... but Six Sam has less upgrading potential since its an old archtype from Strike of Neos....

And lastly, they are all earth which more combos could be played...
Ea : Kurogane or Gozen Match...

Thats about all I had to review about Karakuri....


It suppose to be my study week.... I end up moodless to study and watch the entire season zero again....after X years( All I can remember is before Lam reach puberty)

I noticed this time...

Atem is a psychotic kid....

Love the quote さ、ゲームの時間だ AND 闇の扉が開かれた
(Its time for game) ( The door of darkness had open)
And I learned the true meaning of the game while watching the video....

I also cant get over with it when I saw Kaiba with green hair again....

Although the duels are hard to understand.... but overall its a good series...

On the last episode of 5Ds....

Freeza ( Jaeger or sumthin) had me gain the respect for him...

Total respect for the family man, One love clown man!

So Singapore big tourney is coming soon,

Guys , Girls BEST Wishes from [HD]LAM!!!



(No worries if you lost =) , take this as an experience)

p/s I played 8 years and I havent topped 3 once so yea....

Thank you for reading

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flamevell Cat progress

Overall I think its quite powerful and stable.

However when things when out of control, It will just be as hard as pulling back a FR car back from spunning out to back on the course....

Need more guide on Flamevell cat, Any suggestion people?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Advice and Searching for something

Hey whats happening bloggers.

World is coming soon and so is my sem finals

Although I had finish all my exams at that time.

But my home boys ask me out to genting ( a malaysia theme park/gambling tourism spot)

Hence I will be rushing to the world from genting in 9 A.M in the morning to the worlds

And there is slight chance I might be kick out if I am late.

Most important of all, I have no time to practice.

So should I join or not?

Second advice needed,

is on the deck I should play.

I have a few decks that are quite competitive ( NOT BF)

But most of them have their own m-fking problems....

Monarch - Lacking of 1 Dandy, LADD is dead in Worlds

Flamevell Cat - Had the cards I need, but had not try it yet.

Machiners - God damn Gearframe is showing me attitude....( lesson from the last tournament)

Unicorns - err..... its just like a mod Mazda Miata with stock engine and a good modding of the suspension .

Anti Meta Gadget- Awesome deck, but without Raiou and DCK, its just another deck

Baru beat - Power base... no strategy at all

Oja-Ranger - you got to be kidding me....

So yea, As you can see, I am now pretty stressful in deciding what deck should I choose to attend the worlds

Alright next I wonder where can I get these different version of red dragon archfiend...

I am looking for the french, german italian and spanish version.

Do you know where can I get them?

okay people

Thanks for reading,

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Gay wheel brothers

Hey bloggers,

Yea its been awhile since my last post yea...

Lots of sh*t happened and I am just too busy to blog...

So yea since its been awhile, lets start with something that is light and easy.

Before I start, Let me clarify that this deck is not like any top tier deck, but it is just any random fun deck that is quite competitive with the heavy spam of synchro summon.

I was at one of the shop that day and saw some newbie with a Yusei deck. Yes I mean its really Yusei deck with only one type of monster per card... He asked me to play with him and I agreed. In the middle of the duel, I saw the gay wheel brothers(Tricular, Bicular and Unicycular) in action but somehow it kinda failed due to the second brother (Bi) is already in the grave while the bigger brother(Tri) activates the effect . And some random idea just struck into my mind and wala I made a deck base on those brothers.

Before I go into the list, lets play a little game =)
Lets spot the difference!!!
This is the TCG version

And this is the OCG version

See the differences???

Okay here comes the list
Tricular x3
Bicular x3
Unicycular x3
Junk Synchron x3
Debris Dragon x3
Bolt Hedchoge x3
Card Gunner x1
Old Vindictive Magicianx2
Crystal meth oops its Crystal Seer x1
Morphing Jar x1
Night Assailant x1

Inferno Reckless Summon x3
Heavy Stormx1
MST x1
Creature swap x3
Dark Erruption x1

Magic Cylinder x1
Raigeki Break x2
Mirror Force x1
Torrential Tribute x1

Up to you.... Add more chain dragons for convenient purpose..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad ass unbeatable boss?

Hey whats happening people,

Warning: This combo is told by Xeno, source from some China site... and it totally blow my mind off

Rauzes blogging style

Dragunity Arms Lavaetein + LADD = Unbeatable

More explanation on LGQ's blog

Since he already explained everything I told him... so I dont think is needed for me to rewrite everything here.

Thanks for reading,

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When you need to boost yer horsepower for yer wheel, you need an unicorn....

Hey whats happening people,

Want to know a trick to boost up your car horsepower?

You need to use an Unicorn....

Alright people I am just being lame since it had been awhile I had actually post a deck list...

Screw intro...

Get to the main point....

Basically this deck goes with a simple formula
of course with the help of Unity of family to power up...

Deck: Electric Horses lighting beat

Rescue Cat x1
Des Koala x2
Mine Mole x2
X-saberAirbellum x3
Unicorn Familiar x3
Nimble momonga x3
Vanity Giant Monkey x1
LS Ryko x2
Giant Rat x2

Pot of Avarice x1
Monster Reincarnation x1
Heavy Storm x1
Instant Fusion x2
Unicorn Guidance x2
Brain Control x1
Mind Control x1
Foolish Burial x1
Unity of Family x3

Limit Reverse x3
Call of Haunted x1
Solemn Judgement x1
Dust Tornado x1
Beast Raizer x1
Phantom Beast Horn x2
Iron Scrapcrow x1
Scrubbed Raid

Flower Wolf x1
Ojama Knight x1
Thunder Unicorn x2
Boltech Bicorn x2
Lighting Tricorn x2
Naturia Beast x1 ( if you are rich go ahead...)
Naturia Leodrake x1
Screw Stardust and the others....This is a beast deck homies...

Thanks for reading,

This is yugioh community, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message...

Till then people, take care..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

DREV Pulls + 18 April Starlightroad tournament...

Hey whats happening people....

So yea I know it is a little bit late about telling what had I pull on my box....

Cuz I dont really want to make a post base on what I just pulled...

So my pulls are Ult-Scrap Dragon , Ul-Dragoequities , Tricorn (yeah) SR- Effect Veiler , Amazon Bondage Queen, Ultimate Psychicker

So yea ....

Manage to get 2 sets of unicorns...

And I strongly believe I can top in unicorn and they can actually fly.....Or cant they....

So basically today I entered the starlight road tournament...

It was actually quite good since there is lots of pro level players attending...

I nearly lost myself when I am in the desperate situation of not drawing any gearframes...

With that I need to apologize to all bloggers cuz as I always emphasis dueling is about having fun but not the outcome but the desperation of needing money ( by planning to get first and sell off starlight road) for fixing my car made me lose my cool and actually had a serious face ( which I seldom had) while playing with my opponent....

So yea cut the crap lets start on the report...

Deck Use: Machina
End up 12th

Game 1
-Won by default as my opponent doesnt show up

Game 2
Vs Gadget Machina
Hand was like crap.... and I was in the desperate and serious situation.... Really had to apologize to my opponent...

Well as I lose on the 2nd round... I became back to my usual self again as I know entering the top 4 is impossible already....

Game 3
-Was a good game thou... he nearly got me =)

Game 4
Vs Machina ( Micheals)
-interesting game with Micheal, we actually scream like hell and have our fun time.... If he hadnt use call of haunted... I would have not sacrifice my gearframe with enemy controller and take control of his Gadjitron and end the game XD

Game 5
Vs Infernities with Trishula
- Well basically..... I was so damn touched when I play with this deck as this deck is really rare in Malaysia.... First round both player hand was bad... the opponent had a little life left but he got me with trishila...
-On the second round I side in 3 prohibition.... I was using cards like dekochi, morphing pot to draw in order to get prohibition... So when I pulled 1 I shouted for Infernities beetle and next I prohibited Heavy Storm which lead me towards victory.... I broke the Malaysian 2-0 curse against Trishula Infernities Deck!!! Which actually had satisfy me a lot..
-3rd round I got freaking bad hand.... Or its pretty good but if its against Infernities then that is bad....Got OTKED!!! Ending field 2Trishula 1 stardust 1 Gaia Knight.... Was pretty happy and excited since I had not been otked after the dark dive bomber's legacy...

So that is pretty much it lol.... Will try harder next time...

Maybe with unicorns!!

Till next time people!!

Thanks for reading this post,

This is yugioh community, I am [HD]Lam , approving this message...

Till then, take care people!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hey its been awhile people,

yea I know my bad people...

So, my fellow duelist...

Are you an abusive duelist?

Are you unsatisfied when you win without having a tremendous game ending scene??

Are you happy with your deck as it does not contains any female monster???

Well then,

Amazoness might be a suitable choice for you.

Featuring the New Monster Amazon Queen, Amazon Trainer and Amazon Sages and their new support cards, it is guarantee to beat someone's ass.

So what are you still waiting for, hurry up and dial 1800-I-Want-Amazoness-0303 for more detail on purchases.

No seriously guys....

I am just impressed by one of the forumer from my forum that actually plan to build an Amazoness deck and its surprisingly good in terms of its concept which plans to keep beating the shit out its opponent ~Ala Battle Mania and those support cards that boost the muscle of those ladies... urgh..

Heres the link for it...

As I didnt get the approval from him, therefore I am not sure if I could copy and paste his deck list here...

Seriously people...

We need non meta player like this in our society to create a good atmosphere other than the long faec that a Myvi Driver would show by Meta player - face shown by Jeremy Clarkson

So thanks again for reading this post,

This is Yugioh Community, I am [HD]Lam approving this message...

Till then people, take care

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yugioh Ethics? Scaling, Searching,molesting?

Hey whats happening bloggers.

Yeah Its been awhile since my last post.

No I am not watching porn everyday but I am actually doing research and analysis on a particular deck for the first time in my life.

But before I post about any deck, Lets have a small talks about Yugioh ethics first.

I was randomly chatting with Rauzes , and I forgot how did we jump into this unethical issue...and then he suggested me to make a post about it.

Warning This post might offend others, please view this in a peaceful mindset, and take what is written maturely and revise what the author had mention...

So what is ethics?

I assume that everyone know that is something related about moral...

There are some previous post about some ethical issue I was aware of and posted on the previous post.( Which is related to beginners and little children scamming and insulting your opponent and etc...)

And some other minor unethical issue such as cheating to win and so on ...but who aint that big of deal anyway...

What is really unethical and bring harms to the yugioh society which I am gonna emphasize here today is...

Searching(in the Japanese Term), Scaling, Molesting packs( My term) ,Super Ultra special technique to get the foils out of the pack ( the general term)

*I am being a hypocrite since some times I searches too... Guilty....

You: Lam How could this bring harm to the society??? It let you get foil in a price of a pack...and you might cut down cost in building a deck, you might even regain your profit.

*For the convenience of this post lets call the one who searches Chikan

Well it brings no harm to the Chikan, since he had paid for it and got what he wanted.

However this will causes a great damage to the Yugioh Society for a few various reasons...

How would searching bring harm to the Yugioh Societyの1

Heart Breaking...

Given a situation, when TDGS is out.... Yusei wants to buy the pack to get his number 'N" stardust... He gladly went to the shop and asked for the duelist genesis packs... Since Yusei doesnt know how to search and wanted the stardust desperately, he took 10 packs together and paid 1500 yen for it...

When he opens the pack, he got 1 red dragon archfiend , 1 bolt hedgehog , 1 big piece golem and rest of the craps that are not even expensive. Yusei was quite happy with it since he know that the ratio of getting a super rare and above is 6:30 ( For OCG...TCG I dont know bout the ratio...sorry)

Then here comes a random Chikan and walks to the shop and asked for the same TDGS box... He then perform his super molestation technique and took out 4 packs of TDGS...
Yusei was thinking wtf is this guy doing and waited him to pay and open up his pack.

When the Chikan opens up the pack, Yusei had the greatest impact of his life when he saw what the Chikan gets in his only 4 packs... A holographic Stardust, A ultimate rare Mental Sphere and Ultra Rare Goyou Guardian, and some random crappy super rare from the set.

Imagine You are Yusei and this is what you encountered.... Could you still smile after seeing what you saw?

It will definately create some unacceptable feeling for Yusei and it might even lead Yusei to quit Yugioh... I Dont Know... I am just Saying....

How would searching bring harm to the Yugioh Societyの2

Out of Business?? Or stop selling Yugioh

Given a situation where Crow opens up his very own Yugioh Store...

Everytime he opens a new set, A few Random Chikan will be the first customers that visit him...

This will create 2 situation for Crow...

Situation A
For every box open, only 6 pack would be sold due to all of its customers are Chikan (Some Chikan only buy the packs if its a Super Rare or Ultra Rare)

Situation B
Innocent people will go to Crow's shop and buy lots of packs and get no super rares nor Ultra rares... For the first time... people might think it is their luck... But what if its the 2nd or the 3rd time and same thing happen to those people? They might just boycott that place because they think Crow's store have some bad luck force implied or etc

End up,
Crow might stop selling Yugioh since its unprofitable and start selling some MOE figure instead since its unsearchable and highly demanded from the Otaku society...

How would searching bring harm to the Yugioh Societyの3


As related to the second one, newbies might get frustrated and will just stop buying packs... In the guys can just imagine what will happen...

How would searching bring harm to the Yugioh Societyの4

Card Quality Damage

In a situation when a newbie sees the process of some Chikan searching...

The Newbie will do as what the Chikan will do, but they are doing it the wrong way..

Instead of ******* the pack ( Cant mention or not it will increase the number of Chikans), they crumble the pack to search for foil and its not even the correct way of doing it....

Then the other guy who comes to buy the pack, will find damage on the cards from the pack he bought and he couldnt blame or claim anyone from it since he is the one oppening the packs...

How would searching bring harm to the Yugioh Societyの5

Violence might occur on the spot...

Given another situation, Where Jack Atlas walks into a card shop and find some people molesting the packs. Jack Atlas knows that this act is highly unethical and walked up into those Chikans and quoted : Stop searching it is unethical!!, Those Chikan was pissed and start yelling at Jack Atlas saying that this is none of his business... No need explanation I think you guys would figure out what might happen at the end.... Since Jack Atlas is the Legend unchoosable character of King of Fight*er

How would searching bring harm to the Yugioh Societyの6

Unfairness to some of the card sellers...

Kiryu had just recovered from his emoness and wanted to earned back the money he wasted on creating satisfaction town... He then plans to sell some of his foils to gain some fast cash... Kiryu is a duelist that doesnt know how to search, therefore the budget for getting a foil is higher than Chikans. Price Kiryu offer is always higher than the Chikans due to the high cost of Kiryu getting a foil than the Chikans. As a consumer we will definitely go for what is offered by the Chikan and not Kiryu...

This will cause Kiryu to sell off satisfaction town to gained some money and turn him back to an emo again...

So people, I do hope you could reconsider in what I am emphasizing today, and maybe you could actually suggested a situation and how would it effect the yugioh society?

P/s:I am the biggest searcher itself until I understand it is unethical to do it... So yea... still preventing myself for not searching... will try my best to stop...

Thanks for reading this post,

This is Yugioh Community, I am [HD]Lam approving this message...

Till then people, take care

Sunday, March 28, 2010

28 March 2010 local Tourny Report

Hey what happening people.

So went to Sg Wang today, and didnt expect to join the local today.

Was expecting to watch KL Drift 2 Again... (its a good show IMO)

So today's match was kinda hectic... as I play against 3 BF decks in 4 duels... yea scrotum luck lol...

So heres da report...

Deck Use: Synchro Monarch with only Krebbons and Plaguespreader

First round
Black Wing
My god black wing.... those crazy chicken swarm like no ones business!! Thank Caius by ending the last game by removing itself and deal a 1000 damage...

2nd Round
Vs ???... nah Just kid LGQ
Hero with miracle fusion and parallel world
Magic Cylinder FTW!!! Ultra Stardust strike back to its original owner!!

3rd Round
Vs ???
Black wing
T___T BBQ !!! I forgot to check my graveyard when collosal its out T__T Should have won but due to my own mistake.... Couldnt blame others thou...
Good duel anyway so win or lose doesnt really matter

4th Round
Vs A player that started 5 month
Black Wing
My god this kids swarm his BF's like no bodies business... His extra deck is far prettier than mine as he has a DT bronaic which I dont even have a bronaic...

So end of the day

Karl got First
Ken got second (if I am not wrong with his name)
and ended up 3rd...

Karl's infernity is gay!!!

In debt with LGQ for rm 50 and only able to pay him 2 months later... No worries I am paying rm 1 interest LOL

And thanks Karl for selling me Birdman for rm 30 ea XD

Next deck to aim...

Birdman Monarch XP

So once again Thanks for reading guys,

This is Yugioh Community, and I am [HD]Lam , approving this message...

Till then people !! Take care!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rauzes is back

Yup as topic Rauzes is back in G-ray's blog

Great Claymore combo

Another Double Cylone crazy combo is blasting your own Gear town...

I believe that's all for today...

Once again thanks for reading this...

and Rauzes


This is yugioh community, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message...

Till then, take care people

Monday, March 22, 2010

21 March Gamers Arena Tourny Report

Whats happening bloggers.

Sorry for posting this today and not yesterday... Blame my economics assignment... I had to do it till 1am ...

So yea grats Cookie for getting 1st place(The power of the lord bless you my friend ) and Karl for 2nd and Sam for 3rd

Okay here we go

Deck using: Anti Meta Gadget...(Gotta thank the cows and Neuxcharge for this)

1st round
Vs Zack
Deck use: BF
Zack BF was too good ...
I side away my gadget on round 2 which is a mistake...
Win with luck... Zack Ran out of monster...

2nd round
Vs ??
Deck use: No idea... there is starlight road, flamevell , bf... and etc... according to soliel.. star/bust deck
I still live in 2008 as I mention before which I completely forgot the existence of Starlight road... and he lure me to activate heavy storm. Fortress Dragon that lead me to victory... yes I end the game both time with Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

3rd Round
Vs ??
Deck Use: BF
Thinking that I will lose... but trap hole save my ass... same goes to gadget
I would not have win if he did not solemn my green gadget

4th Round
Vs Michael
Deck Use: Machina
I cant kill them with gadgets

5th round
Deck use: Synchro base??
No comment...

Top 4 elimination round
VS Karl
Deck Use: BF
Losing Reason: I am nervous and running out of energy
Its a honor to lose to Malaysia champ XD

Vs Sam
Deck Use : BF
Bad hand lol...No monsters T_T and opponent is too strong XD
Its also a honor losing to a champ XP

So this is it guys...

Ended up 4th...and I am happy with that...

Once again people,

Thanks for reading,

This is yugioh community, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message...

Till then, take care people

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Skill Drain Machina beat your ass...literally...

Fusilier dragon...
Antique gear dragon...
Barbarous UR...
Machina Fotress...
Basically monster of this deck loves skill drain except for Gearframe..

Loves skill drain...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

JAV star and Unicorn fetish...

A picture explain a thousand words...

Check out this booster...

Why is with the massacre censored.... Its almost like... you know what I am talking about and stop acting holy XD

So I was urging to know who the hell and how the hell this JAV star looks like...

Then here come Neuxcharge's blog with da picture he got from にとろさんblog diary...

And the first my first impression was like ... おい、おい、これはデジモンじゃないのか。。。(eh, eh , isnt this digimon...)

You: Lam which digimon are you talking about?? Dont BS with me >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">You: OH!! Ulforceveedramon.....yea... so...

Lam: Wait and check this porn star out...
Minus the lance... change the tail ... change the wing and.... its done..

Alright enough of this adult idol story... cuz Konami might get sue by bandai... Just saying... Konami could just say its just homaging... and I will be the one who get into deep trouble for spreading rumors......

Overall i kinda like this card effect and artwork...and synchro fusion is quite fun to play too...I think...

I really do have a BONER for those blady Unicorn.. I think their artwork is simply amazing and the effects are just wierd... But screw team unicorn...

Gotta get them all x3 when its coming out XD

So thats all folks

Thanks for reading,

this is yugioh-community, and I am [HD]Lam, approving this message.

Till next time people, take care....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is this effed up??

Hey whats happening bloggers...

This post might offend some it at your own risk
I am not satanism nor anti-christ... I am just sharing what I see...

Okay it really comes into my mind when I was searching for this card...
Cool huh... Baphomet-sama!! OCG sure did a great job...

but when it comes to TCG...

WTF is this!!! Is it a bear???? Where da eff is the HORNZ!!! Where da eff is the wingz and tail!!! Why is it darker !!! EFFED YOU TCG!!! NOOO!!!

See people... cool art in OCG...

Might become a disaster in TCG...

So bloggers.... which card artwork is differ from the OCG and TCG???

Tell me at the comment section below...

Okay thanks again for reading this

This is yugioh community, I am [HD] Lam, approving this message.

Till next time... take care people

Friday, March 12, 2010

0° Royal Army~with Junk and Debris

Hey whats happening bloggers.

Dudes... I don't know if you guys notice...

The artwork of those Ice Boundry are mostly pretty awesome...No bloggers... I don't mean by the almighty Bronaic and Trishula or the 3D looking poker face dragon... Gungnir...

but somehow their effect are aint that strategic.. or you might even say usable...

Okay okay...

Before we start the list...

Check this guy out....

Cool artwork eh...but effect ... no..

And another cool ass gansta...
This gansta is pretty good... it could actually direct attack...meh

Okay before stepping into the list... before I forget... I find the Ultimate Psychicker... had a bad ass art... It looks like something Ultraman would fight...

So yea... here we go

Samurai of Ice Barrier x2
Warlock of Ice Barrier x2
Secret Guards of Ice Barrier x3
Strategist of Ice Barrier x3
Caravan of Ice Barrier x2
Dewdark of the Ice Barrier x3
Junk Synchronx3
Debris Dragon x3

Triangle Formation of the Ice barrier x3
Heavy Storm x1
Hand Destruction x2
MSt x1
Monster Reincarnationx1
Inferno Reckless summon x2
Lighting Vortex x2

Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror force x1
Call of Haunted x1
Dimension Prison x3
Sakurestu Armour

Starbucks dragon x1 :lol:
Red dragon archfiend x1
Mental Sphere demon x1
Dewleron Tiger of Ice barrier x2
Bornaic x1
Trishula x2 Ou EM GEE
Gungnir x3
Chain Dragon x1
Catastor x2
Magical Android...x1

Okay bloggers,

Once again thanks for reading,

This is yugioh community, I am [HD] Lam, approving this message.

Till next time... take care people

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gamer's Arena Sungai Wang Plaza 3/21 Tourny ( English Translation..not perfect)


Date: 2010/3/21

Time: 12-5

Registration time 11-12

Venue: Gamers Arena, The Roof Top (Six Floor)Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Registration Fee: rm 10 before 3/21, rm 15 on the spot

Tournament Format
5 swiss round, and top 4 will be chosen to have an elimination match

Champ:MOV2-JP001: Sin Red Eyes Black Dragon
Runner-up:VJMP-JP047: Sin Stardust Dragon
3rd:VJMP-JP047: WJMP-JP014: Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon

Entrance prize : A red envelop with mysterious gift.

-Only Konami original Asia English and Japanese card are allowed.( All special promo are usable)
-(The second one I need translation)
-A deck must be at least 40-60 , extra deck 0-15, participant's extra deck, side deck and deck must be using the same type of plastic.
-A match is 40minutes long, if its over, winner wins by having the most life points.
-Tournament is using the march ban list.
-All participant must follow the rule and the judgement by the judges
-If the opponent deck is suspicious, raise your hand at the end of the turn?(something like that) To let the judge to inspect your opponent deck ( once the player left, the player deck wouldnt be examine) Lam:Important la guys, dont later I hear people complain saying there is a Graceful charity in his/her opp deck
-need translation
-need translation
-Any inquiries, please dial 603–2142 5330/603-21415330

Thats all I can do folks... please blame me for having bad chinese

Once again thanks for reading, this is yugioh-community, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Chaining Gadget with Gods

Hey whats happening people.

Had you ever successfully summon god without using a large amount of hands?

Here's a deck made by me 3 minutes ago while I am at my room listening to soviet connection

It is called Godly chaining gadgets for some reason or what ever you want to call it...

It is not the normal chain gadget we saw because it has god in it :lol: ...yea I know I'm Lame...

So here it goes...

Green Gadget x3
Red Gadget x3
Yellow Gadget x3
Cyber Dragon x2
Krebons x2
Hitler Commander x1 (psycho commander)
God Beast King Barbarous x3 (Beast King in TCG)
Obelisk the big size avatar x2
Ra the mighty reproductive chicken x2

Chain Summoning x3
Emergency teleport x1
Fissure x3
Smashing Ground x3
Pot of Avarice x1
Shrink x3
Kaiba's X-box controller x3 (Enemy controller)
Hurricane x1
Hand destruction x2

Ultimate offering x2

The concept of the deck is easy.

playing guide 1
S.s cyber dragon, summon either one of the gadgets, chain with shrink, enemy controller, hand destruction, emergency teleport or what so ever, than chain with chain summoning. then summon the next gadget and then tribute them to summon obelisk or ra

playing guide 2
S.s cyber dragon, summon either one of the gadgets, chain with shrink, enemy controller, hand destruction, emergency teleport or what so ever, than chain with chain summoning. then summon the next gadget and then tribute them to barbaros to activate its effect then rape.

playing guide 3
Synchro those gadgets

playing guide 4
Gadget beat down

God like killing combo...
You have 2 gods... 1 hurricane... 1 ultimate offering... 1 gadget in your hand... and you are most likely gonna win the damn game...

So yea,

Thanks for reading,

This is yugioh-community, I am [HD]Lam Johnson (just following Neuxcharge's orders XD), approving this message

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Basically it is just a monarch

Hey whats happening people.

Frogs back to 2, Cyber Dragon back to 2, Monarch came back to life.


Old news...

There is always reason in everything why I even build a monarch deck...

Not because of the frogs and Cydra...

But the price...

Tell me who can turn down the offer of 3 Caius of the price of rm50...

Definitely not me...

I wanted to make birdman Caius...

But a birdman had already cost me half of my wallet...

So basically I had to ditch all those fancy ideas...

and just conduct a normal monarch..

that hasnt been seen for years..

Caius the bad ass Monarch x3
Raiza the Wind Monarch x3
Mobius the Ice Monarch x2
Tragodia x1
Gorz x1
Cyber Dragon x2
Treeborn frog x2
Battle Fader x2
Necroguardner x1
Spirit reaper x1
marshmallon x1
Oracle of the Sun x2

Allure of Darkness x1
Brain Control x1
Monster Reincarnation x2
Instant Fusion x2
Heavy storm x1
Soul Exchange x2
Foolish Burial x1
MST x1
pot of avarice x1
Fiend's sanctuary x1

Compulsory Evacuation Device x1
Mirror Force x1
Dust Tornado x1
Call of Haunted x1
Torrential Tribute x1
Magical Cylinder

So basically this deck focus on summoning and recyling monarh's via reincarnation and pot and evacuation. (Damn I wish I have birdman lol)

Might get one during this weekend.

So till then guys!! Take care!

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

Forum is up 98% completion, awaiting for your comments and etc

The forum is finally up.

First thing first.

This is my first time doing something like this. So please do give me some comments and a better solution to fix it. Your comment is much appreciated

And I really suck at doing stuff like this.... So yea please give me more advice about the forum

Not just necessary Malaysian duelist!!Players from around the world are welcome too!!!

Dont worry, the blog will still go on =)

And Finally

Keep the forum busy people!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 Major issue about the forum

1st: Atlas's Yugioh Mamak is not available due to the ' and -
Hence: it would most likely be just

2nd: Need more time to learn about forum. ( I am no good at managing forum and sites)

@LGQ... Next time please do not officially announce something that isn't 100% sure yet... its quite hard to turn down the heat if several problem had happen...

Sorry for d inconvenience causes.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Ojama that beats your ass

Whats happening Bloggers.

Speaking of Ojama,

the first thing that come into your mind,

is bunch of ugly power ranger that wears their underwear outside

with the power of 0.

Thanks to Jump Fiesta and Tournament pack (apply for OCG players only)

We finally have something to help Ojama up by adding to additional rangers

and their god damn city.

Then when Ancient Prophecy is here with the card Unity of Family

Ojama Became one of the Ugliest OTK deck that you ever seen ( excluding if the opponent have battle fader or gors or trag)

For those who doesnt know Ojama usually Otk by

Having 2 blue or 1 blue die twice to gather Leader (red) Ojamagic, Ojama Delta Hurricane and the town.

Then during the main phase the player will activate heavy storm or sort to clear the back row. (or maybe jump straight to the Hurricane process)

Activate town and send Ojamajic to grave and special summon the Blue that got murdered. Then Add those 3 normal Ranger to hand. Normal Summon Red, to Special summon 3 of those normal ranger to the field. Then activate 1 unity family and start whooping your opponent. Thanks to the power of the family and town, each of your Ojama possses 1800 atk point and thanks to the hurricane, no monster is in your opponent field. And if everything goes smoothly you will deal 9000 lp to your opponent and you win the game.

However..if one of the procedure fail... the chance of victory will decrease by 80%

So to stabalize the deck, I had plan to add some creature to boost their offense power.

With the help of their nature friends, The power of Ojama greatly increase and they had finally became the legendary power Ranger!!!

Troll: Shut up already and get to the deck

Okay Here we go

but before that...

Read this before doing anything you are planning to do now!

p/s: I dont even know if you could call this Ojama deck... but life goes on.

p/s 2: This deck isnt tested due to high expense needed for green baboon,Koala Otter Koala and Tree Otter ( apply for OCG) )

p/s 3: This deck only tested by theory and not practical. I wouldnt take no responsbility if the user fails to perform or operate it well as I said, It is just tested by theory.

Here's the list

Ojama Red x2
Ojama Blue x3
Ojama Yellow x3
Ojama Black x3
Ojama Green x3
Green Baboon x2
Rescue Cat x1
X-Saber Airbellum x3
Tree Otter x2
Sea koala x2

Ojamagic x2
Ojama country x2
Ojama Delta Hurricane x2
Polymer x2
Future Fusion x1
MST x1
Heavy Storm x1
Foolish Burrial x1

Call of Haunted x1
Limit reverse x3
Rageki Break x2 ( Toss the damn Baboon)

Natural Beastx2
Koala Otter Koala x2
AOJ Catastor x2
Ojama King x2
Ojama Knight x2
Stardust x2
Red Dragon archfiend x3 ( just my style... dun bother following cuz it will waste your damn space)

So yea, if you are able to test this deck out, tell me how it works.

Once again, thanks for reading this post.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

till next time people, Take Care~


Hey whats happening bloggers.

So recently I made lots of deck that are practically not so original nor efficient (but original)

My recent deck builds are:

Monarch+Vanity control

Chain Anti Meta Gadgets

Pussy Samurai ( Cuz I include cards that stop attacks like Scrap Iron Scarecrow and etc)

Dual+Barbaros+ Continuous Trap+ Magical Planter deck.

and Finally What I will be revealing today

D-beat ( Destiny Beat)

Yes this deck is kinda similar to Mr.Rauzes Dark warrior beat or Bergzak Beat

So here we go:

D-Hero Dogma Guy (D0gma) x2
D-Hero Bloo-D (Plasma) x2
The Immortal Bushi x1 ( its enough for me)
D-Hero Diamond Guy (Diamond Dude) x3
Armageddon Knight x3
D-Hero Doom Guy ( Fear Monger) x2
D-Hero Dash Guy (Dasher) x2
D-Hero Diabolic Guy (Malicious) x2
D-Hero Double Guy ( Double Dude) x1
E-Hero Air Man ( Stratos)x1
Zombie Carrier (Plaguespreader Zombie) x1

Trade In x2
Armz Hole x2
Unite We stand x1
Brain Control x1
Warrior Returning Alive x2
Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
Dark Eruption x1
D.D.R x3
Unity of Family x3
Foolish Burial x1
D-Draw x1
Rota x1
Polymer x2
Phoenix Blade x2

and etc
your call
make sure do not ruin the unity of family

That's all folks,

Once again, thanks for reading this post.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

till next time people, Take Care~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gem knight combo 1?? ( or this might be the last one I thought off)

Characteristics of Gem knights main fusion= Normal Monster

What I think of Gem Knights?= Super dudes that fusion fast like no bodies business

Heroes? = almost the same with Gem knight

Hence the combo I thought off....


E=MC ²

No I was just kidding....

The real combo are...

Hearts of Underdogs + Normal Heroes ( Neos (big), Sparkman, featherman and etc) + Gem knight(normal ones) + Drawing cards + Fusion cards( Polymer, M.Fusion, GK Fusion) +Magic Stone Excavation = Fusion Spam

However, there is many other card that are not release yet in the GK series...

So this combo might not be the best ones.

Once again, thanks for reading this post.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

till next time people, Take Care~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New year people~

Hey people, I had been busy lately and did not have the time to post...

Yea Chinese New Year preparation... you could say that...

So anyhow I hereby wish you guys a happy chinese new year,

and abundant in Fun dueling

And thanks for the support you guys provide.

Finally, Gong xi fa chai people!! And have a good time.

Once again, thanks for reading this post.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

till next time people, Take Care~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Real March Banlist ??? and Edits of Hero and Legend

Whats happening bloggers,

Recently there are bunch of ban list people predicted and most of them have the same prediction ( at least most of them)

Then today I found this on lilwunx blog and a link that claimed that this is the true ban list of march 2010.

So I was wondering, is this ban list another great creation of Japanese photoshopper, or it is the leaks directly from the Jumps.

Tell me what you think people.

A little bit of edits and explanation for the Hero and Legend deck

Why didnt you add Alius instead of spark man

Why isnt there any honest

As I had mention before, on the bottom of it... Shinning Flame wing man if you have sparkman, but come to think of it, Shinning Flame wing man is handy when it comes to use, so it would have more choice of fusion compare to Alius

I apologized is my mistake for forgetting to add it into the list.

Case Close.

Okay guys, its time for me to go to work.

Coming up next, magicians??? I dont even know the name of my deck lol

So guys, once again thanks for reading.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

Friday, February 5, 2010

About Raiou and bribes

I was wondering could I activate Dark Bribe when Raiou is on the field.

Anyone kind enough to tell me?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 ninja and the almighty bird & Ranting on Trolls

Hey whats happening people.

For the pass few days or should I say weeks, I had ran out of idea and didnt know what to post.

Wanted to do the usual way to gain inspiration which is chilling out at Starbucks to get a green tea latte, but I could'nt due to insufficient amount of cash.

Walk through the shopping complex to gain more inspiration but somehow peoples dressing distracts me a lot.

Also playing the Tag force 4 wouldnt give me any inspiration.

So I was bored and surf random sites to hopefully gain any sorts of inspiration.

Then I saw some random review at gamefaqs about Naruto Ultimate Accel 3 and it was given a 9/10 or 10/10 .

Seriously guys, I aint a hardcore naruto fan but since I am bored, I gave it a try.

After finishing the game, was bored again...Itachi's amateratsu just made everyone in the game like baby...

So then I played the tenchu for the psp console and DAMN, that game just blew my mind.

And here is where I get the strange idea on making a deck based on ninjas.

It isnt a competitive deck, but it sure brings fun... i think.

Monster (22)
Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke x3 ( I wonder it could do sharingan.... I am just saying)
Strike Ninja x3
Lady Ninja Yae x3
Goe Goe the gallant Ninja x3
White Ninja x2
Crimson Ninja x1
Battle Storm x2
Dark Simorg x3
Chaos Sorcerer x2

Magic (12)
D.D.R x2
Armz Hole x2
Fuhma Shuriken x2 ( YES or not dont play ninja)
Fusion Sword Murasame x1 ( NEEDED to look cool)
Heavy Storm x1
Rota x1
MST x1
Warrior Return Alive x2 ( might mispell so bare with me yea (>_^)

Ninjitsu art of decoy x2
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation x3
Mirror Force x1
Torrential Tribute x1
Return from another dimension x1

Tip 1
Lady Gaga's effect..oops i meant Lady Ninja Yae effect combo with Dark Simorg

Tip 2
Henge no jitsu (art of transformation) effect

Tip 3
Do not follow the eqps, but if you are those who prefer coolness than winning like me, feel free to go ahead

Fact 1
Battle Storm is there cuz he looks like Ravemon from digimon saviours...

Fact 2
Hardly won a game on Tag force 4

Fact 3
Chaos Sorcerer usually do the job compare to the ninjas...

So have fun and try it out

So my second part of da post, would be about trolls.

Ladies and gentleman, had you ever receive harsh comments that doesnt make sense like" you suck", or "why are you asian" on the comments section from public sites such as youtube or maybe even on your on personal blog?

Then this meant that you had officially became one of the victim of the trolls society.

Whats a troll?
According to wikipedia...troll is a bla bla bla bla bla and bla. In short troll is a god damn ugly and and screw up creatures.

How about internet trolls?
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. ( Wikipedia)

Why do you want to make a rant on trolls?

No just hate the way they go to peoples blog or youtube page or video's giving worthless comment like you suck or go kill yourself or maybe criticizing people's grammar usage. ( Like what Takamachi had encountered)

So what can we conclude trolls?

Lifeless bastards that couldnt get laid trying to find trouble from the internet and seek pleasure by getting humiliate by Lam. I am just saying.

So it doesnt matter me much since I didnt get target by trolls.

Yet people, you did not get target today because you are lucky. Trolls are like soulless being, they will eventually hunt you down one day. And you are the one to blame for not concerning about others when they got hit by the troll flame.

What are the disadvantage could troll causes to the yugioh societies?

1. They will decrease the number of players.

2. Less people will be original in creating decks

3. Players will be constantly discourage which goes back to fact number 1.

4. Blog or yugi-tubers will stop posting or uploads

5. Blood might be spilled

People are decrease due to the insults given by trolls, not just the internet ones, but the real one as well.

Less original deck because Trolls will go around to pawn and insults other's deck and tries to act of the guru of yugi-sutra.

Like I said, peoples self-esteem is hurt by insults.

Had you ever try making and editing a video for hours or maybe blog post. And without any mercy this trolls will just try and jump to you and spit their filthy saliva on you. Ala what happen on Taka blog and the comments that I mostly seen on youtube. Once I even receive an interesting troll comments of "Why are you Asian? Go eat your noodle and stop uploading yugioh" As I recall I was just recording how I won Kaiba with Hana kuriboh deck.

Trolls-> Insults -> Couldnt take the insults -> Rage -> Fight -> Spilling blood.

So people, as a concern citizen of yugioh society, I would like you guys to follow and do to prevents from getting target by trolls.

1- Always track down their IP at the chat box. Find them match them and bust them.

2- Never be a troll yourself. Be humble and have a nice game

3- See a troll flaming, you (path A) (path B)
a- Flame him back and when he had an opening, find its critical point and take him down
b- The buddha way, Just stay cool

4- Dont challenge them into a duel because it is not worth it.

5-Just show him the holy finger and listen to your Ipod or stuff and ignore him.

So guys, help people that got flame by trolls, and do not be a troll yourself. Do not spam ( somehow I had a feeling Ken will spam me... Nah JK XD) and the light of the starlight road will show you the way.


Serious talk is over, lets talk about the current episode.

Black Feather Dragon is freaking cool!! The scans just made it ugly.

How does Pearson prevent Black Feather Dragon from getting burn? Its located next to the engine...

That synchro played by the punk hair dude... Its wicked.

Crow is still not cool...

This episode made me wanna play BF...

Before I end the section, there is one post I want you guys to read (some of you might have read) It gave me a good idea about to use them and how you couldnt use them.
Its posted by G-ray.
Some says he ran on the surface of the sea to spread civilization around the world, and the most popular theory of him walking on the surface of water just like Jesus. All we know he is not the card playing Rauzes we know from Japan. But he is Rauzes Japan card playing cousin (literally!! its not real) G-ray!!

(Top gear dont sue me!! Stig dont kill me!! Stigs card game playing cousin Jack Atlas Sama dun terminate me!! )

Btw any of you guys is generous enough to name me a site to download gintama, I havent watch it for months and this is why there is no new six sam inspiration for so long.

So guys, once again thanks for reading.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

Friday, January 29, 2010


Translation: A power that is similar to god ( No offense for faithful believers) (I hope I didnt translate it wrong)

So I had gone through a lot for the pass few days.

Start working without salary at my dads company, not knowing what position I am, a computer technician? purchasing department clerk? office boy? I dont know... One word to describe? Jacks of all trades =) but sadly master of none.

So despite the facts I became a free labour, Lam also save Kitteh!! And its four of them XD

Watch Legion like 1 hour ago, the starting was good, If I was about to say, its 4/5. But sadly I didnt like much bout the ending.

Flash a Myvi, smoke an Accord...Oops I shouldnt be reviewing that

Alright, enough of the crap and start the real deal

So what is this deck about, a power similar to god? Impossible!!

Whats the main monster of this deck?

Why is it related to power of god then?
The deck strategy is mainly focusing on making Barbarous in the a giant beat stick, so he could take down almost any kind of opponent which makes him something that has a power similar to god.

Is it consistent?
You have to try it, Even if i tell u it is, some people will still not believe. Hence no point arguing since Lam dislike quarrel =)

Whats the Max Barbarous can go up to.
3400 standard size. 3800 standard size. 4200 medium size. 5000 medium size. and etc

Why is there Princess/Hime/Tytanial in the deck?
Just love the name of it. Beauty and the beast deck? lol

Note this list is written last week

Barbarous x3
Tytanial x3
lonefire blossom x2
E-hero Another Neos x3
E-hero Airman x1
Evocator Chevalier x3
Raiou x2
Debris dragon x2

Forbidden Chalice x3
Gemini Spark x3
Book of Moon x2
Enemy controller x2
Hurricane x1
MST x1
Heavy Storm x1
Miracle Fusion x1

Interdimensional Matter Transporter x3
Royal Decree x2
Skill Successor x3

E-hero great tornado x1/2/3 ( if u have the cash)
E-hero The shinning x3 (cheap... dont complain and go get one)
E-hero Gaia x1/2/3 (if u have the cash and able to find one ) *Apply for OCG players only
Black Rose Dragon x1
Ancient Fairy x3

Kycoo x3
Raiou x1
Skill Drain x3
Honest x3
Miracle Fusion x1
Imperial Custom x2
Magic Planter x2

So thats it, go try it out, slightly mod it and play smartlywhen swapping your side deck and have fun.

Ok bloggers, thanks for your time on reading this

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Episode 94 confusion

Okay I was quite confuse after watching episode 94 today.

It seems like a friend of Crow called Pearson gave Crow the Black Bird (D-Wheel).

Pearson plays black feather deck which as the same as Crow

Did Crow get its BF cards from Pearson like how Judai got its Hero from koyou?

They state that the time line Crow met Pearson is after Kiryu got caught and get his ass in jail

Pearson holds the power of the almighty Black Feather Chicken..oops Dragon. Could Pearson be a signer too?

So yea many people is confuse while watching this episode. Not to mention me too. I had to watch it twice to make some prediction. Before Kiryu was caught, Crow too was using black feather. Then when Pearson appear using the BF-Force 5, Crow seems to be amazed. So it might give us a bad sub-concept that Crow got his BF from Pearson. (Like Judai was Amazed by Kouyo and made a hero deck to duel with Koyou) But if we conclude that Crow got his damn birds from Pearson, then we couldnt explain why is he using BF before meeting Pearson. So we assume Crow got those cards by stealing. Case solve.

oh wait but Pearson uses BF too, explain that!!

Pearson bought 3box of Crimson Crisis 3 box of RGBT and a few box of others. Case close.

Ok bloggers, thank for reading this

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

P/s: what written above is just random crap from Lam, it does not have anything to do with Konami's leak or TV tokyo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I think about....

Before I start any post I would like to thank Xeno the owner of for giving me a dark simorg

So what I think about....

Worm Zero +Worm King
-A great team of kamikaze Al-Jihad bombers without limited supply

Neuxcharge post about Jack Atlas
-Is effin good!! ( Go read and Laugh)

Skill Drain Baru and Hime
-its awesome

Current price of Premium pack 12
-its effin rip off ( but worth the satisfaction of getting Great tornado and parrerel world ahead)

Antique Gears
-Is still playable

Malaysian Cops?
-No comment ( aint wanna get into trouble)


Type A Otaku's?
-Way better than Type B

Black Feather
-dying soon ( some believe it will rise (hopefully) )

-dominating the new yugioh world

D.D Eatos
-Lacking popularity (MAYBE)

Top Gear
-great show

Keiichi Tsuchiya
- One of the people I worship , next to myself

Absolute Vodka? (Zero)
- might get into trouble

Hate Buster
-Best trap card I've use next to mirror force

Some recent blogs
-dies too fast

-still good as usual and he didnt die ( people's post out there makes other feels like he is dead)

Goofy Playz Where are the 10 and Ace?
- Turns me on ( I am just joking...but seriously)

Thanks for your time for reading this crap

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leveling up in 2hours

2 hours left till the age of 19, wasn't expecting much like my 18th birthday, Maybe it was the official issues(summons) I had since the beginning of the years, 2 effin ticket in a month... wow am I lucky or what, Sadly it isnt a speed ticket, it was a god damn illegal parking ticket and some minor issues.

There is lots of things that I had regret for not doing and doing. I never won or top at big events, and many other private stuff that I shouldnt be reviewing.

This year I am planning to give it all out.

So I am planning to build something that is finally playable at our World tournament. (For those who doesnt know , we couldnt use cards from Limited Edition, Duel Terminal, Cards from Shiuhesha Magazine and some premium pack)


What is it going to be??

Skill drain Barbarous + Hime ( Tytannial, Princess of Camellias )

I know its pretty old... but still I kinda like it...

So Lam, are you giving up on samurai?

Hell no, Its kinda like my status and pride.

Besides of making a Skill Baru hime deck,

Also, I will try harder to modify the Six Samurai. (If there is a way left)

So till next time people

Friday, January 8, 2010


(Please find out the meaning of the title yourself =) )
Dimension Eatos had became da bomb of OCG player since starlight road is out.

So what so great about this deck anyway?
-It swarm Eatos
-Another Neos does the crazy Kamikaze style with gemini spark
-Dimension Prison Seal enemy away (wooooooo)
-Starlight road stopping cards light vortex and heavy storm
-Starlight road also brings you out a 2500 big stick
-Macro cosmos eats everything!!! ( Mostly ... since lightsworn and undead is reaping everyone's nuts off)

Oh no my topic today is not about reviewing how good this deck can be, My topic today is to teach you how to take this baby down. (although it might not help)

First of all, looking at the deck... What do you guys notice? ( girls as well...)
-No monster in the deck is > than 2500
-Its a rfp base deck
-It has judai's and yuusei's monster
-Neither your stardust cant stop his trap nor activate effect
-and etc

So what should we do??
1st Max out the Damn Monks ( Kycoo) and be no afraid of no damn prison (unless kycoo gets in)
2nd Max out Dust tornado ( you could set another dust tornado or cards like Saku armour or anything you want)
3rd Side D.D.R ( Not dance dance revolution)
4th Beakers x3
5th Fissures x3
6th Royal Decree
7th Not activating cards like Heavy storm, mirror force or summoning black rose
8th Call out any beatstick > than 2500
9th Rageki Breaks
10th Think yourself!!!

So what are the possible decks that could smoke Dimension Eatos?

Gladiator Beast? Try it for my sake
Lightsworn? Sorry buddy not a chance
Black Feather? Maybe... but good bye vayu
Dimension Eatos? Either one D.E will win...
E-hero? Yes wait till parrerel world fusion is out...
Dark deck? No way buddy
Six Samurai? Uh huh... no comment
Hopeless dragon? high chance of winning (due to D.D.R and Swarming of B.A.D (big asses dragons) )
Many more you name it ....

So ways had been teach and solution had been suggested...
So do not whine or complain if you had lost, just record the path of your failure, and make that as your motivational point and then Ice those mutha farking dimension eatos.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Super Gadget Samurai (Testing Stage)

History of the deck Idea
Long long ago when there is still dragons and big ass birds, One traveler had travel from town to town to help villager to defeat the legendary dragons....

Nah just kidding...

During my trip to Singapore, while watching Neuxcharge and LimGQ duel, I had an random idea of Mixing Gadget (which what Neux uses) and Six Samurai ( What I uses) into one random deck.

At first I was thinking that no shit this thing will work but after composing the deck... This deck actually have potential in building.

Why Mixing this two decks?
I dunno... we must give everything a try... It wouldnt actually harm me if I lose at a duel... It wouldnt bring me the shadow realms too...

Practically that day I am high on Sugar Rush due to 3 cans of grape juice and 1 can of Coke and wanted to give this 2 decks a try...

So why the midgets?(Gadgets)
These cool ass midgets will never get waisted by bottomless traphole and they always increase your hand by one.

Major Issue faced while making this deck
-They do not meant for each other
-Reduced the opportunity to add counter for six sam unite or chance to S.S Shien or Grandmaster
-Still abt to find out...

Advantage of the deck
-Its FUN!!
-You will eventually never run out of monsters
-It is a killer deck ( Kinda)
-Samurai and Gadgets are just pure awesome ...XD ( It doesnt make a point x3 )

So I had construct a few listed when I was relaxing at the Langkawi Island 2 days ago ( Thats the reason why I did not update ) While having my Vodka, I take out my pencil and state out the possible list and combo that are available for this deck.

Although I dont quite like the style of playing of this S.G.S (super gadget samurai) decklist but it is one of the winning deck that I created. (tested it on PSP TF4)

Red,Green,Yellow Gadgets set x2 (total monster 6)
Grandmaster of Six Samurai x3
Zanji x3
Irou x2
Yaichi x3
Left hand of Six sam x2
Morphing Jar x1

Hand destruction x3
Card destruction x1
Creature Swap x3
Six Sam United x3
Fissure x3

Double Edge Blade Technique x3
Return of Six Samurai x3
Mirror Force x1
Raigeki Break x3

So whats the deal?
Nothing!! The deal is simple, Just draw as much as you can, either you could swap your opponent monster with one of your weaker monster and ram it over with your bigger size samurai, or crush it with fissure or Rageki Break.

Double Edge Blade Techniques is just speeding the proccess of getting 2 counters for Six sam unite and helps you to take down your opponent life point faster by summoning extra two samurai from the grave.( There is always chances to let your samurai to be in grave... it is either you let your opponent kill it... or d it your own by activating hand destruction...card destruction or morphing jar)
So is Six Sam return...

Main Objective... Swap your midget and kill it your own =)

One thing I can assure that this list contain more victory than FUN to play with!!!

Will work harder in making a fun and stable playlist for S.G.S during the next S.G.S post. ( There are a few or more list in my notebook but it is not perfect yet...although it is kinda fun to play with when the combo is out but aint that stable yet)