Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ideal vs reality? Meta vs Non meta? Flamevell lord with Judgement is a hell no!

Hey whats happening bloggers,

[HD]Lam here in the hood,

Speaking of ideal vs reality,

we could usually refer it to the deck that we usually build..

Ideally, it could otk, turn the situation around,controlling your opponent like snatching a mountain dew from a baby, or even blasting your dear opponent with kamehameha..

But in reality, you get otked easily..

This situation usually happens in none meta decks..

Take me for an instant

recently i build a skyscourge undead,

Ideally, its awesome! with phantom of chaos copying skyscourge norleas effect, boom send everything to grave, using mezuki effect s.s Zombie master or Despair from the darkness and oppress the hell out of your opponent...

Sound great huh?

Reality, Summon Phantom of chaos, got solem by LGQ, Trying to oppress with darkness despair, got oppress back by Ken's machina gadget... and sometimes mezuki dont even want to come out even I have 3 freaking goblin zombies..

So what makes a meta deck meta? By turning an idea into reality..

By changing the impossible to the possible

By buying a mountain dew from the 7-11 store... wait Huh???


Imagination is the key to lead your idea into reality...

Wait for it....
There's one thing you should know about me, i specialize in a very specific type of security...subconscious security

Ok ok that was a joke... no more inception bullshit...

However, the part of turning idea into reality is a Mfking truth...

Who ever thought off mass driver frog? It was first an idea, then reality...and topped

So for those out there saying non meta deck couldnt win or hardly win meta deck, true and yet not true.... Once again i repeat, changing your idea into reality and mod your deck well and eventually... who knows, non meta deck could actually win meta decks =)

So as an additional info,

tested out flamvell lord with judgement...

Its like what hokkien says, Kanasai( Like shit)... as that dragon never came out even once...

Wulf is eating my space.. so is the dragon..

Hence Just stick with my previos Flamvell lord which is much more stable with only 3 lightlords...

Was bored and currently addicted to Nuraihyon no Mago...

Blame the 7 hours jam while i was coming back from penang...

just added some narration thats all..

love the picture thou...

O'right homeboys and girls

Thanks for your time..

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD


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