Friday, June 11, 2010

Advice and Searching for something

Hey whats happening bloggers.

World is coming soon and so is my sem finals

Although I had finish all my exams at that time.

But my home boys ask me out to genting ( a malaysia theme park/gambling tourism spot)

Hence I will be rushing to the world from genting in 9 A.M in the morning to the worlds

And there is slight chance I might be kick out if I am late.

Most important of all, I have no time to practice.

So should I join or not?

Second advice needed,

is on the deck I should play.

I have a few decks that are quite competitive ( NOT BF)

But most of them have their own m-fking problems....

Monarch - Lacking of 1 Dandy, LADD is dead in Worlds

Flamevell Cat - Had the cards I need, but had not try it yet.

Machiners - God damn Gearframe is showing me attitude....( lesson from the last tournament)

Unicorns - err..... its just like a mod Mazda Miata with stock engine and a good modding of the suspension .

Anti Meta Gadget- Awesome deck, but without Raiou and DCK, its just another deck

Baru beat - Power base... no strategy at all

Oja-Ranger - you got to be kidding me....

So yea, As you can see, I am now pretty stressful in deciding what deck should I choose to attend the worlds

Alright next I wonder where can I get these different version of red dragon archfiend...

I am looking for the french, german italian and spanish version.

Do you know where can I get them?

okay people

Thanks for reading,

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...


goay said...

GB... They can't dead and wont... They will be good at any format.

Kamen said...

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