Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 ninja and the almighty bird & Ranting on Trolls

Hey whats happening people.

For the pass few days or should I say weeks, I had ran out of idea and didnt know what to post.

Wanted to do the usual way to gain inspiration which is chilling out at Starbucks to get a green tea latte, but I could'nt due to insufficient amount of cash.

Walk through the shopping complex to gain more inspiration but somehow peoples dressing distracts me a lot.

Also playing the Tag force 4 wouldnt give me any inspiration.

So I was bored and surf random sites to hopefully gain any sorts of inspiration.

Then I saw some random review at gamefaqs about Naruto Ultimate Accel 3 and it was given a 9/10 or 10/10 .

Seriously guys, I aint a hardcore naruto fan but since I am bored, I gave it a try.

After finishing the game, was bored again...Itachi's amateratsu just made everyone in the game like baby...

So then I played the tenchu for the psp console and DAMN, that game just blew my mind.

And here is where I get the strange idea on making a deck based on ninjas.

It isnt a competitive deck, but it sure brings fun... i think.

Monster (22)
Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke x3 ( I wonder it could do sharingan.... I am just saying)
Strike Ninja x3
Lady Ninja Yae x3
Goe Goe the gallant Ninja x3
White Ninja x2
Crimson Ninja x1
Battle Storm x2
Dark Simorg x3
Chaos Sorcerer x2

Magic (12)
D.D.R x2
Armz Hole x2
Fuhma Shuriken x2 ( YES or not dont play ninja)
Fusion Sword Murasame x1 ( NEEDED to look cool)
Heavy Storm x1
Rota x1
MST x1
Warrior Return Alive x2 ( might mispell so bare with me yea (>_^)

Ninjitsu art of decoy x2
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation x3
Mirror Force x1
Torrential Tribute x1
Return from another dimension x1

Tip 1
Lady Gaga's effect..oops i meant Lady Ninja Yae effect combo with Dark Simorg

Tip 2
Henge no jitsu (art of transformation) effect

Tip 3
Do not follow the eqps, but if you are those who prefer coolness than winning like me, feel free to go ahead

Fact 1
Battle Storm is there cuz he looks like Ravemon from digimon saviours...

Fact 2
Hardly won a game on Tag force 4

Fact 3
Chaos Sorcerer usually do the job compare to the ninjas...

So have fun and try it out

So my second part of da post, would be about trolls.

Ladies and gentleman, had you ever receive harsh comments that doesnt make sense like" you suck", or "why are you asian" on the comments section from public sites such as youtube or maybe even on your on personal blog?

Then this meant that you had officially became one of the victim of the trolls society.

Whats a troll?
According to wikipedia...troll is a bla bla bla bla bla and bla. In short troll is a god damn ugly and and screw up creatures.

How about internet trolls?
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. ( Wikipedia)

Why do you want to make a rant on trolls?

No just hate the way they go to peoples blog or youtube page or video's giving worthless comment like you suck or go kill yourself or maybe criticizing people's grammar usage. ( Like what Takamachi had encountered)

So what can we conclude trolls?

Lifeless bastards that couldnt get laid trying to find trouble from the internet and seek pleasure by getting humiliate by Lam. I am just saying.

So it doesnt matter me much since I didnt get target by trolls.

Yet people, you did not get target today because you are lucky. Trolls are like soulless being, they will eventually hunt you down one day. And you are the one to blame for not concerning about others when they got hit by the troll flame.

What are the disadvantage could troll causes to the yugioh societies?

1. They will decrease the number of players.

2. Less people will be original in creating decks

3. Players will be constantly discourage which goes back to fact number 1.

4. Blog or yugi-tubers will stop posting or uploads

5. Blood might be spilled

People are decrease due to the insults given by trolls, not just the internet ones, but the real one as well.

Less original deck because Trolls will go around to pawn and insults other's deck and tries to act of the guru of yugi-sutra.

Like I said, peoples self-esteem is hurt by insults.

Had you ever try making and editing a video for hours or maybe blog post. And without any mercy this trolls will just try and jump to you and spit their filthy saliva on you. Ala what happen on Taka blog and the comments that I mostly seen on youtube. Once I even receive an interesting troll comments of "Why are you Asian? Go eat your noodle and stop uploading yugioh" As I recall I was just recording how I won Kaiba with Hana kuriboh deck.

Trolls-> Insults -> Couldnt take the insults -> Rage -> Fight -> Spilling blood.

So people, as a concern citizen of yugioh society, I would like you guys to follow and do to prevents from getting target by trolls.

1- Always track down their IP at the chat box. Find them match them and bust them.

2- Never be a troll yourself. Be humble and have a nice game

3- See a troll flaming, you (path A) (path B)
a- Flame him back and when he had an opening, find its critical point and take him down
b- The buddha way, Just stay cool

4- Dont challenge them into a duel because it is not worth it.

5-Just show him the holy finger and listen to your Ipod or stuff and ignore him.

So guys, help people that got flame by trolls, and do not be a troll yourself. Do not spam ( somehow I had a feeling Ken will spam me... Nah JK XD) and the light of the starlight road will show you the way.


Serious talk is over, lets talk about the current episode.

Black Feather Dragon is freaking cool!! The scans just made it ugly.

How does Pearson prevent Black Feather Dragon from getting burn? Its located next to the engine...

That synchro played by the punk hair dude... Its wicked.

Crow is still not cool...

This episode made me wanna play BF...

Before I end the section, there is one post I want you guys to read (some of you might have read) It gave me a good idea about to use them and how you couldnt use them.
Its posted by G-ray.
Some says he ran on the surface of the sea to spread civilization around the world, and the most popular theory of him walking on the surface of water just like Jesus. All we know he is not the card playing Rauzes we know from Japan. But he is Rauzes Japan card playing cousin (literally!! its not real) G-ray!!

(Top gear dont sue me!! Stig dont kill me!! Stigs card game playing cousin Jack Atlas Sama dun terminate me!! )

Btw any of you guys is generous enough to name me a site to download gintama, I havent watch it for months and this is why there is no new six sam inspiration for so long.

So guys, once again thanks for reading.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message


G-Ray said...

Black Feather Dragon didnt get burned because of its DAMN EFFECT! lol

[HD]Lam said...

haha true true

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