Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leveling up in 2hours

2 hours left till the age of 19, wasn't expecting much like my 18th birthday, Maybe it was the official issues(summons) I had since the beginning of the years, 2 effin ticket in a month... wow am I lucky or what, Sadly it isnt a speed ticket, it was a god damn illegal parking ticket and some minor issues.

There is lots of things that I had regret for not doing and doing. I never won or top at big events, and many other private stuff that I shouldnt be reviewing.

This year I am planning to give it all out.

So I am planning to build something that is finally playable at our World tournament. (For those who doesnt know , we couldnt use cards from Limited Edition, Duel Terminal, Cards from Shiuhesha Magazine and some premium pack)


What is it going to be??

Skill drain Barbarous + Hime ( Tytannial, Princess of Camellias )

I know its pretty old... but still I kinda like it...

So Lam, are you giving up on samurai?

Hell no, Its kinda like my status and pride.

Besides of making a Skill Baru hime deck,

Also, I will try harder to modify the Six Samurai. (If there is a way left)

So till next time people


Neuxcharge said...

HD Lam Levels up and Evolves into.....

O.O , Super LAM!!!

Quick! sign up for the EHERO Team! I hear their still hiring!

lol, but seriously Happy 19 year level up! pal ! =D

[HD]Lam said...

Thanks for the greetings bro, okay I'll join the EHERO team, "E-hero Super Lam" 8star Attribute none Type human
Atk 100 Def 1000 Effect None

Hows that? Sounds strong huh XD

Neuxcharge said...

NUUUU! Lam must be a Nature Fusion Hero!

E HERO Super Lam

lvl 8 DARK Warrior

2800 ATK/ 2600 DEF

1 DARK + 1 Hero Monster

Effect : Once per turn you can discard 1 card from your hand to remove from play 1 set spell or trap from your opponent's field, the card cannot be activated when this effect is used and all cards of the same name are sent from your opponent's deck to grave. This card has piercing damage!

TADA! Super poly With BF and exterminate that Icarus Attack! =D