Friday, January 29, 2010


Translation: A power that is similar to god ( No offense for faithful believers) (I hope I didnt translate it wrong)

So I had gone through a lot for the pass few days.

Start working without salary at my dads company, not knowing what position I am, a computer technician? purchasing department clerk? office boy? I dont know... One word to describe? Jacks of all trades =) but sadly master of none.

So despite the facts I became a free labour, Lam also save Kitteh!! And its four of them XD

Watch Legion like 1 hour ago, the starting was good, If I was about to say, its 4/5. But sadly I didnt like much bout the ending.

Flash a Myvi, smoke an Accord...Oops I shouldnt be reviewing that

Alright, enough of the crap and start the real deal

So what is this deck about, a power similar to god? Impossible!!

Whats the main monster of this deck?

Why is it related to power of god then?
The deck strategy is mainly focusing on making Barbarous in the a giant beat stick, so he could take down almost any kind of opponent which makes him something that has a power similar to god.

Is it consistent?
You have to try it, Even if i tell u it is, some people will still not believe. Hence no point arguing since Lam dislike quarrel =)

Whats the Max Barbarous can go up to.
3400 standard size. 3800 standard size. 4200 medium size. 5000 medium size. and etc

Why is there Princess/Hime/Tytanial in the deck?
Just love the name of it. Beauty and the beast deck? lol

Note this list is written last week

Barbarous x3
Tytanial x3
lonefire blossom x2
E-hero Another Neos x3
E-hero Airman x1
Evocator Chevalier x3
Raiou x2
Debris dragon x2

Forbidden Chalice x3
Gemini Spark x3
Book of Moon x2
Enemy controller x2
Hurricane x1
MST x1
Heavy Storm x1
Miracle Fusion x1

Interdimensional Matter Transporter x3
Royal Decree x2
Skill Successor x3

E-hero great tornado x1/2/3 ( if u have the cash)
E-hero The shinning x3 (cheap... dont complain and go get one)
E-hero Gaia x1/2/3 (if u have the cash and able to find one ) *Apply for OCG players only
Black Rose Dragon x1
Ancient Fairy x3

Kycoo x3
Raiou x1
Skill Drain x3
Honest x3
Miracle Fusion x1
Imperial Custom x2
Magic Planter x2

So thats it, go try it out, slightly mod it and play smartlywhen swapping your side deck and have fun.

Ok bloggers, thanks for your time on reading this

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Episode 94 confusion

Okay I was quite confuse after watching episode 94 today.

It seems like a friend of Crow called Pearson gave Crow the Black Bird (D-Wheel).

Pearson plays black feather deck which as the same as Crow

Did Crow get its BF cards from Pearson like how Judai got its Hero from koyou?

They state that the time line Crow met Pearson is after Kiryu got caught and get his ass in jail

Pearson holds the power of the almighty Black Feather Chicken..oops Dragon. Could Pearson be a signer too?

So yea many people is confuse while watching this episode. Not to mention me too. I had to watch it twice to make some prediction. Before Kiryu was caught, Crow too was using black feather. Then when Pearson appear using the BF-Force 5, Crow seems to be amazed. So it might give us a bad sub-concept that Crow got his BF from Pearson. (Like Judai was Amazed by Kouyo and made a hero deck to duel with Koyou) But if we conclude that Crow got his damn birds from Pearson, then we couldnt explain why is he using BF before meeting Pearson. So we assume Crow got those cards by stealing. Case solve.

oh wait but Pearson uses BF too, explain that!!

Pearson bought 3box of Crimson Crisis 3 box of RGBT and a few box of others. Case close.

Ok bloggers, thank for reading this

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

P/s: what written above is just random crap from Lam, it does not have anything to do with Konami's leak or TV tokyo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I think about....

Before I start any post I would like to thank Xeno the owner of for giving me a dark simorg

So what I think about....

Worm Zero +Worm King
-A great team of kamikaze Al-Jihad bombers without limited supply

Neuxcharge post about Jack Atlas
-Is effin good!! ( Go read and Laugh)

Skill Drain Baru and Hime
-its awesome

Current price of Premium pack 12
-its effin rip off ( but worth the satisfaction of getting Great tornado and parrerel world ahead)

Antique Gears
-Is still playable

Malaysian Cops?
-No comment ( aint wanna get into trouble)


Type A Otaku's?
-Way better than Type B

Black Feather
-dying soon ( some believe it will rise (hopefully) )

-dominating the new yugioh world

D.D Eatos
-Lacking popularity (MAYBE)

Top Gear
-great show

Keiichi Tsuchiya
- One of the people I worship , next to myself

Absolute Vodka? (Zero)
- might get into trouble

Hate Buster
-Best trap card I've use next to mirror force

Some recent blogs
-dies too fast

-still good as usual and he didnt die ( people's post out there makes other feels like he is dead)

Goofy Playz Where are the 10 and Ace?
- Turns me on ( I am just joking...but seriously)

Thanks for your time for reading this crap

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leveling up in 2hours

2 hours left till the age of 19, wasn't expecting much like my 18th birthday, Maybe it was the official issues(summons) I had since the beginning of the years, 2 effin ticket in a month... wow am I lucky or what, Sadly it isnt a speed ticket, it was a god damn illegal parking ticket and some minor issues.

There is lots of things that I had regret for not doing and doing. I never won or top at big events, and many other private stuff that I shouldnt be reviewing.

This year I am planning to give it all out.

So I am planning to build something that is finally playable at our World tournament. (For those who doesnt know , we couldnt use cards from Limited Edition, Duel Terminal, Cards from Shiuhesha Magazine and some premium pack)


What is it going to be??

Skill drain Barbarous + Hime ( Tytannial, Princess of Camellias )

I know its pretty old... but still I kinda like it...

So Lam, are you giving up on samurai?

Hell no, Its kinda like my status and pride.

Besides of making a Skill Baru hime deck,

Also, I will try harder to modify the Six Samurai. (If there is a way left)

So till next time people

Friday, January 8, 2010


(Please find out the meaning of the title yourself =) )
Dimension Eatos had became da bomb of OCG player since starlight road is out.

So what so great about this deck anyway?
-It swarm Eatos
-Another Neos does the crazy Kamikaze style with gemini spark
-Dimension Prison Seal enemy away (wooooooo)
-Starlight road stopping cards light vortex and heavy storm
-Starlight road also brings you out a 2500 big stick
-Macro cosmos eats everything!!! ( Mostly ... since lightsworn and undead is reaping everyone's nuts off)

Oh no my topic today is not about reviewing how good this deck can be, My topic today is to teach you how to take this baby down. (although it might not help)

First of all, looking at the deck... What do you guys notice? ( girls as well...)
-No monster in the deck is > than 2500
-Its a rfp base deck
-It has judai's and yuusei's monster
-Neither your stardust cant stop his trap nor activate effect
-and etc

So what should we do??
1st Max out the Damn Monks ( Kycoo) and be no afraid of no damn prison (unless kycoo gets in)
2nd Max out Dust tornado ( you could set another dust tornado or cards like Saku armour or anything you want)
3rd Side D.D.R ( Not dance dance revolution)
4th Beakers x3
5th Fissures x3
6th Royal Decree
7th Not activating cards like Heavy storm, mirror force or summoning black rose
8th Call out any beatstick > than 2500
9th Rageki Breaks
10th Think yourself!!!

So what are the possible decks that could smoke Dimension Eatos?

Gladiator Beast? Try it for my sake
Lightsworn? Sorry buddy not a chance
Black Feather? Maybe... but good bye vayu
Dimension Eatos? Either one D.E will win...
E-hero? Yes wait till parrerel world fusion is out...
Dark deck? No way buddy
Six Samurai? Uh huh... no comment
Hopeless dragon? high chance of winning (due to D.D.R and Swarming of B.A.D (big asses dragons) )
Many more you name it ....

So ways had been teach and solution had been suggested...
So do not whine or complain if you had lost, just record the path of your failure, and make that as your motivational point and then Ice those mutha farking dimension eatos.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Super Gadget Samurai (Testing Stage)

History of the deck Idea
Long long ago when there is still dragons and big ass birds, One traveler had travel from town to town to help villager to defeat the legendary dragons....

Nah just kidding...

During my trip to Singapore, while watching Neuxcharge and LimGQ duel, I had an random idea of Mixing Gadget (which what Neux uses) and Six Samurai ( What I uses) into one random deck.

At first I was thinking that no shit this thing will work but after composing the deck... This deck actually have potential in building.

Why Mixing this two decks?
I dunno... we must give everything a try... It wouldnt actually harm me if I lose at a duel... It wouldnt bring me the shadow realms too...

Practically that day I am high on Sugar Rush due to 3 cans of grape juice and 1 can of Coke and wanted to give this 2 decks a try...

So why the midgets?(Gadgets)
These cool ass midgets will never get waisted by bottomless traphole and they always increase your hand by one.

Major Issue faced while making this deck
-They do not meant for each other
-Reduced the opportunity to add counter for six sam unite or chance to S.S Shien or Grandmaster
-Still abt to find out...

Advantage of the deck
-Its FUN!!
-You will eventually never run out of monsters
-It is a killer deck ( Kinda)
-Samurai and Gadgets are just pure awesome ...XD ( It doesnt make a point x3 )

So I had construct a few listed when I was relaxing at the Langkawi Island 2 days ago ( Thats the reason why I did not update ) While having my Vodka, I take out my pencil and state out the possible list and combo that are available for this deck.

Although I dont quite like the style of playing of this S.G.S (super gadget samurai) decklist but it is one of the winning deck that I created. (tested it on PSP TF4)

Red,Green,Yellow Gadgets set x2 (total monster 6)
Grandmaster of Six Samurai x3
Zanji x3
Irou x2
Yaichi x3
Left hand of Six sam x2
Morphing Jar x1

Hand destruction x3
Card destruction x1
Creature Swap x3
Six Sam United x3
Fissure x3

Double Edge Blade Technique x3
Return of Six Samurai x3
Mirror Force x1
Raigeki Break x3

So whats the deal?
Nothing!! The deal is simple, Just draw as much as you can, either you could swap your opponent monster with one of your weaker monster and ram it over with your bigger size samurai, or crush it with fissure or Rageki Break.

Double Edge Blade Techniques is just speeding the proccess of getting 2 counters for Six sam unite and helps you to take down your opponent life point faster by summoning extra two samurai from the grave.( There is always chances to let your samurai to be in grave... it is either you let your opponent kill it... or d it your own by activating hand destruction...card destruction or morphing jar)
So is Six Sam return...

Main Objective... Swap your midget and kill it your own =)

One thing I can assure that this list contain more victory than FUN to play with!!!

Will work harder in making a fun and stable playlist for S.G.S during the next S.G.S post. ( There are a few or more list in my notebook but it is not perfect yet...although it is kinda fun to play with when the combo is out but aint that stable yet)