Friday, March 12, 2010

0° Royal Army~with Junk and Debris

Hey whats happening bloggers.

Dudes... I don't know if you guys notice...

The artwork of those Ice Boundry are mostly pretty awesome...No bloggers... I don't mean by the almighty Bronaic and Trishula or the 3D looking poker face dragon... Gungnir...

but somehow their effect are aint that strategic.. or you might even say usable...

Okay okay...

Before we start the list...

Check this guy out....

Cool artwork eh...but effect ... no..

And another cool ass gansta...
This gansta is pretty good... it could actually direct attack...meh

Okay before stepping into the list... before I forget... I find the Ultimate Psychicker... had a bad ass art... It looks like something Ultraman would fight...

So yea... here we go

Samurai of Ice Barrier x2
Warlock of Ice Barrier x2
Secret Guards of Ice Barrier x3
Strategist of Ice Barrier x3
Caravan of Ice Barrier x2
Dewdark of the Ice Barrier x3
Junk Synchronx3
Debris Dragon x3

Triangle Formation of the Ice barrier x3
Heavy Storm x1
Hand Destruction x2
MSt x1
Monster Reincarnationx1
Inferno Reckless summon x2
Lighting Vortex x2

Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror force x1
Call of Haunted x1
Dimension Prison x3
Sakurestu Armour

Starbucks dragon x1 :lol:
Red dragon archfiend x1
Mental Sphere demon x1
Dewleron Tiger of Ice barrier x2
Bornaic x1
Trishula x2 Ou EM GEE
Gungnir x3
Chain Dragon x1
Catastor x2
Magical Android...x1

Okay bloggers,

Once again thanks for reading,

This is yugioh community, I am [HD] Lam, approving this message.

Till next time... take care people


Goofy Playz said...

Ice Barrier People...can they protect the polar icecaps, or will we suffer from global warming?

[HD]Lam said...

No worries, Ice Barrier People are the one who drive and encourages Hybrids car...And they are the members of the environment protecting committee too. So I think global warming wouldnt occur that easily if there is Ice Barrier people around =)