Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Episode 94 confusion

Okay I was quite confuse after watching episode 94 today.

It seems like a friend of Crow called Pearson gave Crow the Black Bird (D-Wheel).

Pearson plays black feather deck which as the same as Crow

Did Crow get its BF cards from Pearson like how Judai got its Hero from koyou?

They state that the time line Crow met Pearson is after Kiryu got caught and get his ass in jail

Pearson holds the power of the almighty Black Feather Chicken..oops Dragon. Could Pearson be a signer too?

So yea many people is confuse while watching this episode. Not to mention me too. I had to watch it twice to make some prediction. Before Kiryu was caught, Crow too was using black feather. Then when Pearson appear using the BF-Force 5, Crow seems to be amazed. So it might give us a bad sub-concept that Crow got his BF from Pearson. (Like Judai was Amazed by Kouyo and made a hero deck to duel with Koyou) But if we conclude that Crow got his damn birds from Pearson, then we couldnt explain why is he using BF before meeting Pearson. So we assume Crow got those cards by stealing. Case solve.

oh wait but Pearson uses BF too, explain that!!

Pearson bought 3box of Crimson Crisis 3 box of RGBT and a few box of others. Case close.

Ok bloggers, thank for reading this

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P/s: what written above is just random crap from Lam, it does not have anything to do with Konami's leak or TV tokyo.


Duelist#LGQ said...

I think its like this.

Kiryu go to jail and Satisfaction goes their separate ways(Jack stealing Yusei's card and Yusei EMO for that for 2 years) --> Crow no aims in life --> Pearson and friend appear --> Crow see the master in the art of BF in action(realizing how noob he is, like a kid play BF and a pro play la) --> learn from the master --> got his damn Black Bird(which has Black Feather Dragon as an important part --> go steal cards from the police!!

phuong said...

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