Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miku duel??

Holy crap i found this vid on youtube and it blows me off


Monday, September 28, 2009

Love this quote ~


IF you have free time of thinking the how to beautify last decoration, Why don't we live beautifully till our last moment??

Sounds awkward if you translate it directly, but is quite meaningful.

Why is this quote important in a duel?

If you have the time to think how you gonna lose the duel in the coolest way, why don't you hold the never giving up spirit( a good spirit that we should held in a duel) and survive till the end, it might turn out to be a winning out come.

Always remember, never give up~ Not even when you draw no miracle.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Absoulute power force >< I am loving it~

Just some random crap I thought off... It might be wicked thou...

Activate Synchro control, pay 1000 lp to snatch it over, attack with it and during the main phase 2, and here comes the wicked part, now you still see your opponent synchro monster on the field, but when you activate Synchro Change, Poof!! His/her synchro is gone, Before activate synchro change, you should tell your opponent:Now you see it, But now you dont, and what you see now isnt yours now, It is MINE now WAHAHAHA

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am suppose to post on this thursday but when I reach home and I called my team mates regarding to the project we must hand in on monday, well the answer is predictable and its always "Haven started yet" or etc although I had find lots of info for them. Well life goes on, So I had to do it myself and I do not have the time to publish a new post. Okay cut the crap and lets get started. There is few new deck list I made in Singapore ( yes I am bored baby sitting and not able to go out) and the first I am going to publish is Kurenai Samurai.

It is base on a trap card called Kurenai and basically its a suicidal mission. So lets get started

Grandmaster of Six Samurai x3
Great Shogun Shien x3
The Six Samurai Zanji x3
The Six Samrurai Irou x1
The Six Samurai Kamon x3
The Six Samirai Yaichi x3
Hand of Six Samurai x3
The SIx Samurai Yariza x3
Morphing Jar x1

Warrior Returning Alive x2
Rota x1
Cunning of Six Samurai x3
Heavy Storm x1
Six Samurai United x3
Six Scroll of the Samurai x2

Return of the six samurai x3
Spiritual Fire Art Kurenai x3
Double Edge Blade Technique x3
Mirror Force x1

Strategy 1
Strike Strike Strike then Kurenai

Strategy 2
Strike --> Double Edge --> Strike, Strike --> Scroll of six sam --> Strike--> kurenai

Strategy 3
Kamikaze with hand, Revieve, Shien, Attack all, cunning, strike again then kurenai.

As usual, anything to ask pls put a comment or email/message me thanks

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Argh Assignments!!!

Okay just a quick post... I have bunch hell of assignment and exam coming up until this friday. I will start posing after all this madness had end.

Planning on making a Six sam kurenai deck ... on the process of testing it

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charge of Light brigade LOL

haha its rare.... Not running Light lord deck thou...

What to do with it???
1.Guys its time to burn those cards....(Not advisable its like burning your own money)
2.Give to an orphan=) Do more good deeds
3. Make a tower out of it =)
4.Toilet paper

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yugioh into bike racing???

I laugh my ass off on 174 when Yusei tries to perform the high speed turn and this week we have Aki with crazy bike stuns Lol

Well I kinda like it if you ask me... What you guys think???

And oh here is a little video about Hitler thinking about the banlist, Maybe you guys had watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nO7Wyt9RuU8&feature=channel_page , It freaking funny if you asked me

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When a Proton Smoke Porsche 911

Porsche 911 need not to explain is dream car like any man on town. Unlike Proton our National car, Porsche had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better quality and performance than a Proton. But, What are a chances of a Proton winning a Porsche?? Low huh?? Not unless you mod it and you have the skills as a racer.

Lam are you insane? Why are you talking about cars??? How is it going to relate to a cards??? Well...Decks are just like cars, its not the what a deck is made off, it is what makes a deck strong, it is the way you manipulate through the duels and the effort you put in moding your decks.

You can have all the strongest deck in the meta region, but still it is useless if you does'nt how to use them. For instance, there is a kid that day in my locals that uses a black wing deck before sept 1, and I was using an Ojama. True that he owns me with DDB and Armoured wing and etc and raped me at the first turn, but I won the next following two rounds. Ok maybe you do know how to use them, but honestly speaking, Do you prefer winning with a deck that is created by someone else? Or Win with the deck you create?? Think again.

Nothing is impossible my friends, People always have the subconcept of: My own creation cant win meta and bla bla bla. Who knows when you didnt even try it??? (Okay maybe you did but just try a little bit more harder) I believe everyone has the potential in creating a higher tier deck.

Once again, there are no noob players around, there are only beginners and not so professional players. I hate it when after you win a duel you start calling your opponent noob, Its hurtful mmkay? What will you gain from calling your opponent noob? It doesnt bring pride or fame? It will just lower your personalities and make you even noober.

Before I end the post, I would like to confess I like Skyline GTR series and one of the most frequent saying by racers in the western region, Muscle always beats import(jap cars), or maybe european always beats import... But The new nissan gtr-35 proof them wrong, So long ferrari, So long Mc Clarren. This baby have the top speed of 190.7mph which lamborghini murcielago has only 122mph.

Nissan surely prove them wrong. This shows again nthg is impossible and You as a player can make things happen.

Remember guys deck are like cars, fully understand it and mod it your way.

No luck with counters

Blog counters just broke down... Flag counter too...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Raiou and DCK

Okay I got 3 Raiou and 3 DCK... Any advice or recipe that can help me on making an anti meta deck or whateva that include both of this in it... Comment is much appreciate ty

05/09/09 Tourney report

Deck Use: Underworld Fear

First Round XX
Vs LimGQ all info is on his blog... Deck jam... no comment

second round OXX
Vs gravekeeper
Got tricked.. I was blur thou... That guy told me that Gravekeeper's Guard effect is send my monster straight to the hand... But he didnt flip... I am Lazy to argue because I am tired and moodless that day

3rd round OO
My opponent didnt show up... Win by default

4th Undead Beat?? OXX
Close call... Got raped by Undead Swarm... All hail Mezuki and Shutendoji ... They rocks... Got raped by them and felt proud of it.

Needless to say that yesterday was an all lose match... I should use samurai but lets give a new deck a try.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Konami shouldnt give Malaysia the right to print Yugioh

It is okay if Malaysia print Japanese/ english cards but If they have the power to print, they will most likely print Malay language cards.
I got this funny idea when I passed by Speedy Video today and I saw one of the dub version of Kamen rider Kabuto... (For those who are not rider fan the main character for Kabuto always says おばちゃん言いていた(Obachan itei ta) and lines behind always change.) They change it to Bm which is "nenek saya cakap" that contains the same meaning. I find it funny and the voice they dubbed are like the worse... For those who saw Yugioh Duel monsters that are show in Malaysia like 5 years ago in Bm you understand what I am talking about.

Just imagine changing the card name into BM,
BW = Sayap Hitam
L.L= Lord =Tuhan Light =Sinaran Sinaran Tuhan??? Which is if you translate again is the ray of god.
GB = Binatang Gladiator??
Cyber Dragon = Naga Siber??
Destiny Hero no longer D hero it would be takdir hero instead.
Evil Hero no longer E hero it would be Hero Jahat... J hero

Think again...If they really change it to Bm... I definately not buying the Malaysian version, I rather pay more and contribute to the Japan economy instead.

Dude I dont want them to ruin my favorite card game with wierd name lol.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Depressed atmosphere??

Recently there is a ranting trend going around the blog sites, well Its a good thing to see peoples feelings and passion towards Yugioh. But too much ranting would just bring down the atmosphere, and it may causes more player to quit instead of increasing, ( I am not saying that ranting is making player quit, I am emphasizing on too much ranting will causes disadvantage). So ranting once in a while is okay but dont make it as a habit.

Konami is also trying their best effort on spreading Yugioh. Asia Edition which are stop like decade ago are now again publish. Just give them some more time. Rarity change which sometimes piss people off are made for purpose for beginners to obtain rare cards easier. ( Although I hate rarity change but its for the good of the game ...)

Hong Kong Konami are just pure ass holes, who the hell they think they are to forbid us to use cards from Shuiheisha Magazine and Limited Edition cards in the Nationals???F U bastards.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Light and Dark Undead Beat

Had you imagine you can have a non stop popping out of honest and bunch of non zombie monster that turn into zombie swarm in the field for one turn?? check this list out ^^

p/s Well I just test it out this morning and it run out better than I expected.

Doom Calibur Knight x3
Honest x3
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner x3
Mezuki x2
Morphing Jar x1
Zombie Carrier x1
ryko x2
Wulf, Lightsworn Beast x3
Zombie Master x3
Chaos Soccerer x2

Allure of Darkness x2
Book of Life x3
Foolish Burial x2
Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
smashing ground x1
terraform x3
Zombie world x2

Rageki break x2

Anything you prefer