Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Real March Banlist ??? and Edits of Hero and Legend

Whats happening bloggers,

Recently there are bunch of ban list people predicted and most of them have the same prediction ( at least most of them)

Then today I found this on lilwunx blog and a link that claimed that this is the true ban list of march 2010.

So I was wondering, is this ban list another great creation of Japanese photoshopper, or it is the leaks directly from the Jumps.

Tell me what you think people.

A little bit of edits and explanation for the Hero and Legend deck

Why didnt you add Alius instead of spark man

Why isnt there any honest

As I had mention before, on the bottom of it... Shinning Flame wing man if you have sparkman, but come to think of it, Shinning Flame wing man is handy when it comes to use, so it would have more choice of fusion compare to Alius

I apologized is my mistake for forgetting to add it into the list.

Case Close.

Okay guys, its time for me to go to work.

Coming up next, magicians??? I dont even know the name of my deck lol

So guys, once again thanks for reading.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

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