Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old School Beat down!

Hey whats happening people!

Going to Singapore in 1hour time thats what happening ><

Business Trip ah!!! (Become Driver, meet customer, and baby sitter) So hopefully I will get some time to shop for Yugioh and stuff I like...

Playing Pro-street is kinda ridiculous...

This is bullshit!!! Why do I have to use your 428bhp GT-R34 when I own a 1020bhp GT-R34 or a 980bhp GT-R35 in prostreet...

This is like asking me to use Goblin Spy instead of Goblin attack force....

and when I play pro-street...

I notice that power is everything...

so I made some deck list.. on TG-4

It turns out okay...

But it doesnt have any strategy at all...

Before I start... I dont know if you guys notice or whatever, there is a new manga that is publish in shonen jump called SWOT... its pretty cool... and I kinda like it...So yea just go check it out =)

Goblin attack force x3
Goblin Elite force x3
Giant Orc x3
Chain Saw insect x3
Barbarous x3
Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast x3
Thunder King Raiou x3

Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
Giant Turnade x1
Smashing Ground x3
Fissure x3
Nobleman of Extermination x2
Forbidden Chalice x2
Shrink x2
Magic planter x2

Mirror Force x1
Skill Drain x2
Final Attack orders x3

Basic Strategy!!

Smash!!! KILL



see ? easy right?

I bet people are booing right now XD

Sorry if I had waste your time :(

Aite people,

Thank you for reading

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...