Wednesday, July 29, 2009

666 Awakening of the Devil

Woah 666 viewers in three weeks >< Firstly I would like to thank you guys for the support and the time you spend on reading my blog. Here is something that will resemble the devil.

Archfiend Soldier x3
Archfiend General x2
Infernalqueen Archfiend x3
Terrorking Archfiendx3 (Genocide King demon in Jap)
Shadow Knight Archfiend x3
Dark Necrofear x2
Demise x2
Dark Master Zork x2

Trade In x3
Contract with the Abyss x3
Advance Ritual Art x1
Pandemoniom x2
MST x1
Monster Reborn x1
Heavy Storm x1

Archfiend Roar x3
Mirror Force x1
Spell Binding Circle x3 ( The OCG 1 ... The TCG SPC doesnt looks anything like magic circle)
Shadow Spell x1

Once again thanks for reading and p/s DO not make contract with the devil or they will take your soul XD

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Six Samurai Series 4- Undying Samurai Spirit

Samurai are said that they have strong spirit that they never gonna give up on the war although they are near facing death or lost. Therefore,
The deck I am gonna post today are base on the undying spirit of the samurai which is the non-stop revival of the samurai's. I can say this is better than the previous 1 since its constant revival.

Grandmaster of Six Samurai x3
Great Shogun Shien x3
The Six Samurai Zanji x3
The Six Samrurai Irou x3
The Six Samurai Kamon x1
The Six Samirai Yaichi x3
The Six Samurai Nisashi x2
The SIx Samurai Yariza x3

Monster Rebornx1
Warrior Returning Alive x3
Rota x1
Card of safe return x1
Heavy Storm x1
Six Samurai United x3
Six Scroll of the Samurai x2

Return of the six samurai x3
Back to the walls x3
Double Edge Blade Technique x3
Mirror Force x1

P/s People always wonder... those this crazy bastard test the deck out ??? Or the just randomly crapping things out? For your information, I test all the deck I made in real life and in the Yugioh World Championship 2009 Stardust Accelerator ^^ So have fun reading the post and yea please do leave a comment on the side or on the particular post itself Ty ^^

Six Samurai Series 3- Tactical warplay~Taisho aiming tactics

This series is mainly focus about direct attack which u can see 3 Yariza is in the deck which I usually will not add even 1 in my tourny sam deck. But still lifes goes on and I am intending to try something new. ( Thats my point actually for making this series) The main focus on this card is Breakthrough and Swift Samurai Storm and Dual Edge Sword Technique. Personally I think Dual Edge Sword Technique isnt that Risky if you had Cunning of the Six samurai and Six Scroll of the Samurai since they wouldnt be on the field during the end phase therefore the damage is not taken. So lets get started and here is the list.

Grandmaster of Six Samurai x3
Great Shogun Shien x3
The Six Samurai Zanji x3
The Six Samrurai Irou x3
The Six Samurai Kamon x1
The Six Samirai Yaichi x3
The Six Samurai Nisashi x2
The SIx Samurai Yariza x3
Shien's foot soldier x1

Cunning of the Six Samurai x3
Heavy Storm x1
Six Samurai united x3
Six Scroll of Samurai x2
Unite we stand x1
Mage power x2

Breakthrought x3 (key card)
Dual Edge Sword Technique x3
Return of Six sam x1
Swift Samurai Storm x2

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Six Samurai Series 2- Yagyu dojo samurai

Welcome to episode 2 of Six Samurai Episodes. I was suppost to upload this yesterday but I face several problem when posting this. Why Yagyu Shinkage ryu dojo samurai?Basically I adore the well famous kenjitsu dojo in Japan since Edo era, Here is a brief description of Yagyuu Shinkage ryu.
Yagyū Shinkage-ryū 柳生新陰流is one of the oldest Japanese schools of swordsmanship (kenjutsu). Its primary founder was Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, who called the school Shinkage-ryū. In 1565, Nobutsuna bequeathed the school to his greatest student, Yagyū Munetoshi, who added his own name to the school. Today, the Yagyū Shinkage-ryū remains one of the most renowned schools of Japanese swordsmanship. Its name roughly means Yagyū New Shadow School.-cited Wikipedia.

As you can see this list is base on the training of the samurai in order to become stronger. The plan of this deck is drawing till the max with the help of Bamboo Blade ( effort on training) and Samurai united


Grandmaster of Six Samurai x2
Great Shogun Shien x2
The Six Samurai Zanji x3
The Six Samrurai Irou x3
The Six Samurai Kamon x1
The Six Samirai Yaichi x2
The Six Samurai Nisashi x1
The SIx Samurai Yariza x1
Chamerlain of the Six Samurai x1
Shien's foot soldier x1

Arms Hole x2
Broken Bamboo Bladex3
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade x1
Golden Bamboo Sword x3
Legendary Ebon Steed x3
Shien Castle of Mist x2 (Yagyu Dojo)
Six Samurai United x3
United we stand x1

Mirror Force x1
Return of Six Samurai x3
Swift Samurai Storm x2

Friday, July 24, 2009

Six Samurai Series-1-Swift Samurai Slash

Well Since Rauzes suggested that I should work more on my Sam deck. Therefore I made several samurai type to see which one is the best. For the continus few day I might post Six Sam deck. So do comment on which one is the best.

Grandmaster of Six Samurai x3
Great Shogun Shien x3
The Six Samurai Zanji x3
The Six Samrurai Irou x3
The Six Samurai Kamon x2
The Six Samirai Yaichi x3

Book of Moon x2
Brain Control x1
Burden of Mighty x2
Fissure x1
Hammer Shot x2
Heavy storm x1
MST x1
Six Samurai United x3
Smashing Ground x1

Bottomless x3
Mirrorforce x1
Return of Six sam x1
Solemn x3
Torrential Tribute x1
Widespread Ruin x3

I name it Swift Samurai Slash because it doesnt focus much on revival but giving the much damage as possible at a turn. As you can see compare to my previous samurai this fire power is much bigger since many of the card destroys monster. Please do leave a comment on the chatbox or on the comment area for futher improvement.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anti meta Gadgets~

Well Mike suggested: lets play a Anti meta deck and so I decide to make a gadget deck. So lets get started

Gors x1
Red Gadget x2

Yellow Gadget x2
Green Gadget x2

Cyber Dragon x1

Doom Calibur Knight x3

Raio x3

Breaker the Magical Warriorx1

Smashing Ground x1
Fissure x1
Noble crossman x2
Shrink x3
Limit Removal x1
Book of Moon x3
Lighting Vortex x1
MST x1
Heavy Storm x1
Hammershot x1

Bottomless X3
oppression x3
Solemn Judgment x3
Torrential Tribute x1
Mirror force x3 ....(Just kidding)
widespread ruin x3
Trap hole x2

Since its an Anti meta deck... I wouldnt like to explain much. Disclaimer I Do not made up this deck idea. Most idea is base on a winner in one of the Fukouka store tournament player if I am not mistaken. And to be honest with you guys I do not know how to make meta and anti meta deck.... What i do best is making fun deck.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The deck I use???

Many of you maybe asking : Hey Lam what deck do you use or have? I cant really answer that because I usually change my deck every week. But I do have few stable deck and a few deck that I wont change quite often.Here are my decks name according to my favourite usage.

First Fav
Pantsu-Sentai, Oja ranger
Its basically about ojama yes its similiar to ojama banzai and I finally got all of them T___T

2nd Fav
Θάνατο ( Death/Thanatos) or personal I call it Meiou no Bakahatsu (Explosion of the Hades)
Its About Archfiends deck and count on Gors/ Dark ressonator and Dark Necrofear luring people into attack and burn them with Hate Buster, Magic Cylinder and Etc.

3rd Fav
Watashi dachi wa uchuu ichi na baka na samurai da !!! Kono yaro!!
Six sam.... yea I know its just the name that sounds cool

4th Souchaku!!! Soubi Synchro no Kyouhu.
Base on the Super gearfried revival I made But 1 samurai and valkrie is taken to add 2 hyper synchro and a new friend ( Black Bulldrago) Like someone asking me Why Hyper synchro??? Why not tuned magician??? My point is to remove it from play so that I could ddr it back. Its risky thou...

5th Jibakushin++++???|
In the progress of copmpletion... Need idea from you people out there ><>

Thanks again for wasting your time reading this... Please feel free to comment on the comment box or the chat box^^ I will be most gladly to reply ^^

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Waisting your time on character discussion...

On the 3 series of Yugioh animated series, every series has a different main character and every character plays a different way. I still dont get it why people says that his deck is the strongest...For me Atem's deck is freaking unstable and compare to other characters deck. And Atem usually doesn't play with the rules. Look at battle city for instance. Next is Judai. Overall his deck is good until he start adding neo spacians and neos inside. His deck is quite stable cuz he got lots of staple cards in his deck including solem judgement, monster reborn and etc... And the thing that really freaks me out is 3 mirror force on his hand. ( First duel of Titan vs Judai). Yusei has the most gayest deck if you analyze his deck. Not to say much his deck has many gay combo to back up his stardust or other synchro monster...Not to say he is a technician. Well its still a job any way. That makes absolute sense on how he get so many strong cards since he fix things for money. In my opinion I think JAck, Yusei and Crow earn additional cash from Illegal underground racing... (Just joking don't get so heat up) And whats really disappointed is Jacks ego is gone.... Watch 62 and 63 he became a freaking dork after the Godwin case end. By far my most favorite decks are jyounoji's (aka Joey Wheeler) and Yugi's deck ( NOT ATEM).Their deck are freaking good and stable if you asked me. Well I assume in near future we could see Judai again since that Tom Cruise ( After dueling with Saiou 2nd time) rides a bike and a bot. And Sp.Polymer and Sp.Miracle Fusion is available too in the World champion 2009 . + the introduction of Sp world 2 makes Judai easily swam his hero and blast his opp without reducing the Sp counter.

Well thanks for waisting your time reading this freaking boring article. Till Next time... Owh and please feel free and do leave a comment or any message at the comment section or the side chat box ^^ I will be most grateful to reply once I get online.

Bad day

Freaking bad luck today...On what i saw.....SDD/buster......Its ON THE FREAKING YUSEi PACK 2 WTF!!!! And i bought 10 pack of TP10 ...Only 1 freaking Ojama Blue.....5 Stardust Overdrive....1 Saviour Star without freaking Saviour Dragon .... Days got screwed since I resume college anyway... What can be worse ....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discussion on the Stardust Overdrive...

Okay first of all congratulation to lolicon out there, Yes you guys had won and beat Agnes Chan in her face.

Next What i really concern about this pack is the fortune lady series and the Goddess of Salvaton. Although the effect is remain unknown till now...She is hot who cares anyway...

The Fortune Lady series seems to be boost up after this pack. Any one has any idea on how do build a lady deck?? Its look complicated to me . But what i heard from some players are they are easy and strong...Anyone mind telling how to use them?

The spider series... looks cool to me
The reptile series... A great boost for the previous snake deck

So tell me what you think about the new series ><

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ojama banzai!!!

This deck is one of my favourite deck if you asked me =D.Okay now I desperately need 3 Ojama Blue. I already have 3 reds and countries and i made a deck with 3 blue subs. But still Life goes on. Please people anyone out there sees an OCG ojama please do find it or contact me . Okay lets get back to the list.

Red x3
Blue x3
Yellow x3
Green x3
Black x3
Resuce Cat x1 ( for desperate use only)

Ojamandla!!! x3........ ( Just kidding)
Ojamagic x3
Ojamuscle x2
Ojama country x3
Ojama Delta Hurricane x3
Polymer x2
Monster Reborn x1
Monster Reincarnation x1
Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
Unite we stand x1
Unity of Family x3 ( MAIN CARD)
hand Destruction x2

Torrental Tribute x1
Ojama Trio x1
Gravity Bind x1

Ojama King x3
Ojama Knight x3

Okay so this is basically how u play this deck.

Plan A
Lockdown: Ojama is well famous for that

Plan B
Ojama King Beat. Country effect swap ur defence with attack which make ur king has an attack with 3000 and If you are lucky enough and u manage to summon ojama red and summon other 3 ojama and open a ojama trio . You activate an Ojamuslce and You will have a 10000atk beat stick.

Plan C
Gravity Bind , Delta Hurricane and Unity of race+ unite we stand. Its a Otk since your opp field is definately 0 after u activate delta. Unless....He had Gors or Kuriboh.

So guys thanks again for reading my blog and please !!! Help me find a OCG ojama blue...Maybe TCG will be fine too but I wont pay much for TCG...

Stardust Overdrive??

Whose Buying whose not?? Personally I think the new spider series looks cool but it doesnt let me have the feel to buy the whole box??? Let me hear out your suggestion on what you think about this box

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dark freezing part of the earth ~

Well guys sorry for not posting for quite sometimes, my college just resume on the 7th of july and I had pretty much stuff to do. Well I was bored in Individual and Families class today i came out with a Hero decklist which is something regarding to the title.

Let me explain the title >< ( Okay I know I had weird sense of name but who cares anyway ^-^)
Dark= D=hero and freezing part = E-hero absoulute zero and earth = Ehero The earth (Elemental Hero Terra Firma)

So here is the deck list

Monster (20)
E-Hero Air Man/Stratos x1
E-hero Ocean x3
E-hero Woodsmanx2
E-hero Captain gold x2
D-hero Diamond Guy x2
D-hero Bloo D/ Plasma x2
D-hero Dogma Guyx2
D-hero Fear monger/doom guy x2
Summon Priest x2
King of Swamp x2

Magic (18)
Miracle Fusion x3
Future Fusion x1
Lighting Vortex x3
Warrior Returning Alive x2
D.D.R x2
Heavy Strorm x1
Monster Reborn x1
Skyscrapper x2

Hero Signal x3
Return from another dimension x1

Damn How stupid am I to forget the Extra deck, Sorry when I was writting this list I was in rush to college.

Extra deck
Absoulute zero x3
Dragon D end x2
Terra Firma x2

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alien deck pwned BF??? WTF??

As title Ike tenchou's video is well known as super gay deck build, this time thunder san build a deck based on Alien which totally destroy black feather easily . Here is the link of the video

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Nationals today (4/7/09)

First of all thank you all for visiting my blog. With you guys help I manage to get a 100 views in a week. ^^

Yea so back to topic, so this is kinda like my play during the national tourny.

Well i got a screwed up hand during the starting ^^ tell me who the hell could draw 3 Spirit of the Six Samurai in the first 6 hand without any grandmaster or other six sam >< . I got pretty screwed and thanks to my mirror force and ejaculation device i manage to save my ass and hit the opp till 1700 lp. But the opp finally counter with book of moon and raped my grandmaster and yea after that all i draw was pretty epic, solem, bribe and oppre which is useless because he had summon cyberdragon on his field already T___T. And yea the first match I got screwed by cyber dragon .... yea i know i suck....Oh and i didnt mention my opp runs a BF and i got protected by my spirit few times from preventing my grandmaster to die... oh well i still lost. On the 2nd round i slighly side my deck and added 2 rageki break in. This time, god bless me, Not even a freaking monster. 3 Six samurai unite, 2 warrior return alive 1 spirit, I was like WTF how worse my luck can be???? I then set the spirit in face down and 1 warrior return and six sam unite as decoy, Then during his turn, He s.summon Cyber D , and Blast ,and lance, He then attack with blast and obviously Gale pop out >< 1300 + 2100+1700=5100. Iwas like dam. I still live yea. then the most scariest scene which brought me trauma for tonight which i tried to sleed just now and i cant because everytime i close my eye i recall the scene of the Dark Dive Blasting me. He synchro into dark dive and release Lance and i recieve 800 which i still have2100 left. And then he summon dark arm and yea he did an over kill ^^ by releasing cyber and dark arm and of course dark dive itself. So this is my story about me getting rape in nationals, hope you guys can tell me about your nationals either you are the one who rape or get rape. Till next time..

Friday, July 3, 2009

I did my first Shadow art =D

For those who dunno what is shadow art here is a short video showing that what it is and yea here is my own work XD (pretty lame thou)