Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quick updates/Random/Tourny Report 31.7.2010

Hey whats happening people,

It is I, the evil of humanity, had return from the underworld mwahahahaha!

p/s:Just Ignore me...

Havent been posting for the past week...

Deepest apology for my dearest readers...

especially Mike who asked me if I had quited yugioh for not posting for quite some time...

But I have reasons for this !!!

I know it was my holiday but I was busy since coming back from Singapore...

Went and did my passport... Cut my hair... sleeping... Mamak goofing ... and went to South Africa for Saitex Exihibtion to promote some product...

Just got back last Friday..

and felt glad to be back.

Lets start with some random stuff...

Stuff in South Africa is expensive...

Shops close at 5pm O.O

1 USD = 7.5-8.5 rand
46 RM =100 rand
1 rm = 2.17 rand

On the last day there , I finally got a chance to visit a shopping mall..

Hell remember what it calls..

I went to 2 local stores that sell cards and toys..

Found some TCG cards and wanted to buy it as a gift to LGQ and etc,

But I changed my mind ...

Yusei pack 1 (TCG) = 59.90 rand = 7.5 USD = 24+ - RM
Crimson Crisis (TCG) = 65 rand = 8 USD = 32 +- RM
Saviour Star tin ( TCG) = 330 rand = 41.50 +- USD = 165 +-rm

and finally

[HD]Lam - F.O.C

nak I m just kidding.

Anyway I was like TEH F*CK!! its F*king expensive!!!

I quickly put down the booste pack and head back towards the bus...

So thats pretty much for my SA trip...

and next...


Tourny Report 31/7/2010

Deck Used: Flamevell Synchro with debris and dandy ( this built is okay but not stable)

1st round: Zack
Deck Used: BF
Result: XOX
Round 1: Got control badly by BF
Round 2: Megaman(colossal) and stardust oppres the birds
Round 3:Bad hand and Zack pwn me like nobodies business...

2nd round : Didnt get his name
Deck Used : Scrap
Result XOO
Round 1: Wasnt sure with scraps effect and etc... So was in observant mode...
Round 2: Red Demon Dragon took the kill.
Round 3: Scrap twin got opression...Dark End dragon took da kill with a mere attack of 1600

3rd round : Cookie
Deck Used: Machina
Result: XOX
We wasnt playing seriously so hell remember how it went///

4th round: SORRY I forgot
Deck used: BF
Round 1: he win with oppression
Round 2: Win with flamevell dog + oppre
Round 3: RDD took da kill again

5th round
Win By Default... Opponent didnt show up..

Rank: 9... in tamil it is similar to the pronounciation as fag

Never felt this good before... it was a good day after almost 2 months...

Deck ideas is coming up next... Currently slacking at Com Lab waiting for the class to start..

Once again people,

Thank you for reading,

This is yugioh-community,

I am [HD]Lam

approving this message,

till then people,

Take care XD

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