Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nats report June 2010

Hey whats happening people!!

So Nats its finally over!!!

I scrubbed as usual ><

It was a god damn mirror match lol

Machina Gadget vs Machina Gadget

But man it was good!!

Score XOX

!st round
Gearframe was not on my hand, only monster valid... Green gadget ( T__T thanks bro)... Manage to take the life till 900 at the almost end of the game with my Fortress... But got attack back by another fortress with an attack of limit removal and solidarity....

2nd round
2 Gear frame in my hand... Reserve for a good time and strike at once.

3rd round
GOT PWN on da SeCOND turn!!! Summon Gearframe, S.S fortress !!! EQP !! and set a bottomless.. Then He uses MST to blow my bottomless and Special summon CYber dragon. Then he uses Machina Gearframe to Take Fortress out and special summon it I was like wookay my last stand is to die with him with my fortress or sumthing like that... But instead he activate brain control and activated limited removal T___T

Got scrubbed, and went emo at the staircase.... ( not really lol I din felt a shit instead and went to enjoy my time with Nick and Soliel )

Well GRATS Michael for winning!! YOU OWE ME A LUNCH!!!

Met Amir?(Andrew's mate) at near 5 oclock and he smoked my Unicorn badly. This tells me I had to change back to my previous build.

Aite people,

Thank you for reading

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till then take care...

Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey Whats happening people,

While you are wondering what the hell my title meant....

I better start explaining before you guys beat the crap out of me.

" Awakening of Machine, End of Samurais, New power --- Karakuri ( Doll Machines)"

So what are these Karakuri?

its a new archtype coming out in Starstrike Blast.

So whats the deal with these Karakuri??

I think its a substitute for six samurai....

or maybe just another archetype....

So What so great about these archetypes??

First... Their name...


Eg: Karakuri Soilder- NISAMU (2,3,6)
Karakuri Marchant- INASHICHI (1,7,7)
and Many more....

Next...They are really substitute for Six Samurai...
Some of you guys: Hell no!!!
Lam: Hell Yes!!

Proof 2: karakuri Disemble manual=unite of six samurai ( but weaker)
Proof 4:Ancient Japan
Proof 5: er.... no more....

Thirdly, They have stronger support traps than Six Samurai....
Timed Karakuri bomed.... is the bomb of the deck......

Fourth it has upgrading potential.... Hate to say it as a big fan of six samurai..... but Six Sam has less upgrading potential since its an old archtype from Strike of Neos....

And lastly, they are all earth which more combos could be played...
Ea : Kurogane or Gozen Match...

Thats about all I had to review about Karakuri....


It suppose to be my study week.... I end up moodless to study and watch the entire season zero again....after X years( All I can remember is before Lam reach puberty)

I noticed this time...

Atem is a psychotic kid....

Love the quote さ、ゲームの時間だ AND 闇の扉が開かれた
(Its time for game) ( The door of darkness had open)
And I learned the true meaning of the game while watching the video....

I also cant get over with it when I saw Kaiba with green hair again....

Although the duels are hard to understand.... but overall its a good series...

On the last episode of 5Ds....

Freeza ( Jaeger or sumthin) had me gain the respect for him...

Total respect for the family man, One love clown man!

So Singapore big tourney is coming soon,

Guys , Girls BEST Wishes from [HD]LAM!!!



(No worries if you lost =) , take this as an experience)

p/s I played 8 years and I havent topped 3 once so yea....

Thank you for reading

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flamevell Cat progress

Overall I think its quite powerful and stable.

However when things when out of control, It will just be as hard as pulling back a FR car back from spunning out to back on the course....

Need more guide on Flamevell cat, Any suggestion people?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Advice and Searching for something

Hey whats happening bloggers.

World is coming soon and so is my sem finals

Although I had finish all my exams at that time.

But my home boys ask me out to genting ( a malaysia theme park/gambling tourism spot)

Hence I will be rushing to the world from genting in 9 A.M in the morning to the worlds

And there is slight chance I might be kick out if I am late.

Most important of all, I have no time to practice.

So should I join or not?

Second advice needed,

is on the deck I should play.

I have a few decks that are quite competitive ( NOT BF)

But most of them have their own m-fking problems....

Monarch - Lacking of 1 Dandy, LADD is dead in Worlds

Flamevell Cat - Had the cards I need, but had not try it yet.

Machiners - God damn Gearframe is showing me attitude....( lesson from the last tournament)

Unicorns - err..... its just like a mod Mazda Miata with stock engine and a good modding of the suspension .

Anti Meta Gadget- Awesome deck, but without Raiou and DCK, its just another deck

Baru beat - Power base... no strategy at all

Oja-Ranger - you got to be kidding me....

So yea, As you can see, I am now pretty stressful in deciding what deck should I choose to attend the worlds

Alright next I wonder where can I get these different version of red dragon archfiend...

I am looking for the french, german italian and spanish version.

Do you know where can I get them?

okay people

Thanks for reading,

This is yugioh commmunity, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message..
till then take care...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Gay wheel brothers

Hey bloggers,

Yea its been awhile since my last post yea...

Lots of sh*t happened and I am just too busy to blog...

So yea since its been awhile, lets start with something that is light and easy.

Before I start, Let me clarify that this deck is not like any top tier deck, but it is just any random fun deck that is quite competitive with the heavy spam of synchro summon.

I was at one of the shop that day and saw some newbie with a Yusei deck. Yes I mean its really Yusei deck with only one type of monster per card... He asked me to play with him and I agreed. In the middle of the duel, I saw the gay wheel brothers(Tricular, Bicular and Unicycular) in action but somehow it kinda failed due to the second brother (Bi) is already in the grave while the bigger brother(Tri) activates the effect . And some random idea just struck into my mind and wala I made a deck base on those brothers.

Before I go into the list, lets play a little game =)
Lets spot the difference!!!
This is the TCG version

And this is the OCG version

See the differences???

Okay here comes the list
Tricular x3
Bicular x3
Unicycular x3
Junk Synchron x3
Debris Dragon x3
Bolt Hedchoge x3
Card Gunner x1
Old Vindictive Magicianx2
Crystal meth oops its Crystal Seer x1
Morphing Jar x1
Night Assailant x1

Inferno Reckless Summon x3
Heavy Stormx1
MST x1
Creature swap x3
Dark Erruption x1

Magic Cylinder x1
Raigeki Break x2
Mirror Force x1
Torrential Tribute x1

Up to you.... Add more chain dragons for convenient purpose..