Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rauzes challenge?

Well instead of saying it a challenge, it would be more like something we duelist ( not all of them) would like to voice out since a long time ago... yes I mean even before the evolution of man kind... ( You do know I am just kidding right)

Why shouldnt we quit?
1. You will lose bunch of friends
2. You might feel empty
3. You might spend your time playing stupid games and end up you will feel its a waiste of time. Eg Maple Story
4. Refer to no 3, you might turn into a hikikomori ( agoraphobia) and anti social and live in your own fantasy world.
5. Your soul will break ( You gave up on something that you couldnt acheive)
6. You will lack of exictment and joy
7. Eventually one day if you got your interest back to Yu Gi Oh you will feel stupid and waisted on why you had ever quited this game once.
8. You will waiste your money in drugs
9. You might kill yourself one day because you notice that this is the only the best way to release stress.

So what seems to be the problem on people quiting?
Lets start with :
What do we considering in a duel? Winning? Oppressing? Bullying? Satisfying self egoism?
No thats just not the way it work. Dueling is all about socializing, having fun and interacting with your opponent. As quote by Joker " Why so serious? Lets put a smile in the face" Yes in order to have a fun duel, a good smile and a bit of laughter wouldnt hurt you. Sometimes when I wander around the local cards store and I always see people with serious face like they will kill your family anytime if you do not let him win. Once again what is winning and what is losing? Does it really matter much?
Solution: Smile more in a duel, Less offensive quotes like : Fuck your mum bitches who the fuck give you the priority to summon this shit ( while you are activating bottomless) Interact more, crap in anything that you could think off to make your opponent smile. Remember nothing is more worth it than a happy duel and to see your opponent smile . ( Not in a gay way do not get me wrong)

Most duelist quit as I know are mainly because of their stupidity. Although I didnt mean to offend you guys , but these trend duelist I know spend their monthly allowance getting those cards like BF, DDB and eventually Konami bann it. They felt depress and stuff and start nagging and eventually they quit after that.( Not all of you okay so do not get so work up)

Solution: Make fun decks , and stuff like I mention in my previous post on " When a Proton smoke a Porche 911" Mod it , have fun, and smile often

And the following is one is one major issue I see why most duelist quit. Scams and stuff. I use myself as an example. I saw a kid with a Eifan in the album and I was all exicted and said : Hey kid would you wanna trade your Eifan?" He said yea definately and all the kid took was a normal Diamond dragon... A normal Diamond dragon for Eifan... A ratio of 1: 45 ? Okay First off all I didnt scam that kid, I did offer him more but he didnt want to take it. OKay this might be a bad example because its not scamming at all. Another example I see is a bunch of pro players sucking a shit out of beginners. Eg : 5 ultra for a few fucking staple that worth only about rm 20 approximately 6.5 USD. The 5 ultra itself worth more than rm 80 as I remember 2 absoulute zero was on the trade as well . This might be one of the cause to make newbie quit. Why??? Again I use myself as an example. Remembering I was naive 4 years back then and Hero deck was a great hit back then. I trade almost all my Ultra's and etc just for a Tempest , Steam healer and Shinning Flame wingman. Well I couldnt say they cheated me because I agree on the deal itself but the way they manipulate and convince you are definately gonna set a newbie into the trap because they just started and know nothing much. And continuing with the story which end up I went home I notice my deck couldnt be complete because most of my important cards had been traded off for them. I had thought off quiting back then too but I have balls enough to learn from my own shitty mistake.

Solution: Do not scam others please! Although I am being a hypocryte but please do scam with a soul!! Yes Tamashi I am talking about if you do not do so your soul will break. Think it at an economic way. The opportunity cost that if one players quited, will lead a less chances of you getting the card you so you can trade with them and increase your cost on buying booster because less player are available for you to trade with the card you want .

So after all the long post, I apologized if I offended you guys and sorry for using crude words on this post.

How to force a vayu to synchro on the field

2 easy way and 2 easy steps.
1st way
Attack with Shura attack s.s vayu... and since effect is negated, hence it could be synchro on the field.

2nd way
Summon vayu ... Skill drain and smile wickedly

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lam's ramdomness~~

After watching bunch of video whiles stoning on starbucks while having my green tea latte, I notice I had ran out of deck Ideas. Although I had tried building Copy plant J&D with the help of verger, But that deck seems to be unstable ( I misread dark verger effect) Modding on samurai, seems to be a bit weird to power up that deck. New Anti Meta play style? No Idea yet. So what can Lam build?? Misawa deck??? Nah it will remind me of Misawa getting naked running around DA. Ojama was my last build which I got the idea of Natural Tune from Rauzes. Synchro Beat??( Focus on synchro change + DDR + ARMZ hole) Not so stable yet.

Okay after struggling for some times, I notice that I could make a deck out of necrofear!! But how? We cant use the old bakura style... HEadless night atk position and lure atk and etc, it doesnt work this way anymore. Archfiend of gilfer might be a good help.

Speaking of archfiend of gilfer it reminds me of Rauzes in Malaysia. I find his combo-ing Archfiend of Gilfer in a pretty awesome way. Armageddon Knight toss gilfer then gilfer attach then activate fallen to steal. Its pretty awesome to me thou.

Blue eyes deck-- Need a new playing method, seriously Konami!!! Kaibaman digivolve to blue eyes, ancient rule, swing of memories , Howling burst stream attack, BEWD atk x2 then Super fusion attack again and what eva or other playing style fusion, dragon mirror or etc. Name me some new playing method I dont know > < Btw Trident Dragion is awesome.

D-hero: Stop making E-hero cards and start making new D you douches

Finally about the SEA qualifier... F*ck you!! F*ck hong kong konami for prohibiting us from using Shiuheisha magazine and LE cards. Who do you think your daddy is?? Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee?? ( I had been saying this for 4 years straight lol)

Disclaimer : While writting this post I am a little high so bear with me if I offended you or etc, I sincerely apologized if I offended any of my readers although I find nothing offensive. And I am not Drunk while I am writting this post

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Neuxcharge new vid

I was tired and slacking around after coming back from college and I see an attractive title on the youtube supscription channel ( Yusei vs Yugi) or vise versa. I click on it and watch it and it really blow me off. It was an awesome duel Neux. and keep up the good work.
For those who havent watch it I command you to watch it now ( Geass On )


once again ... Good work Neux

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

King's cup ramen

I do not know why King is so concern about his cup ramen being ate instead of the data being stole on episode 80. And that new technician name is Bruno lol It reminds me of the movie Bruno.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ojama Synchro

Okay I know its been awhile since my last post. There are several reasons that I didnt post. First Assignments and Exams. 2nd I didnt know why for the past few weeks I couldnt login and it stays at the buffer all the time when I want to post a new post. Whatever life goes on thou.

So I was bored on Saturday ( or was it Friday) and talking with Rauzes and he suggested me to add Natural Tune into Ojama deck to make it into ojama synchro. It is not a bad idea to add it in because it pumps up the deck fire power.

Natural Tune ナチュラル・チューン Normal Magic picture ( a cloudian in the middle flying with a tuning circle around him)
Select 1 face-up Level 4 or lower Normal Monster you control. It is treated as a Tuner monster while it is face-up on the field.

So here is the deck list
Ojama Red x3 Red Ranger aka Leader
Ojama Blue x3 Blue Ranger
Ojama Black x3 Black Ranger
Ojama Yellow x3 Yellow Ranger
Ojama Green x3 Green Ranger
Manticore of Darkness x2 Lion Chimera
Shiba warrior Taro x3 Doggie X3
Rescue Cat x1

Ojama Delta Hurricane x2
Natural Tune x3
Heavy Storm x1
Ojama Country x3
Ojamagic x3
Creature Swap x2
Polymer x1

Angel Lift x1
Torrential Tribute x1
Angel Lift x1

So have fun again pwning your enemy with ojama or get pwn by them

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tag force 4 money hint

Tag with Crow, Play Tag duel, Sit down , Enjoy, let crow do the work, Win and Get money.

I kid you not Crow is freaking strong in the game .