Monday, March 22, 2010

21 March Gamers Arena Tourny Report

Whats happening bloggers.

Sorry for posting this today and not yesterday... Blame my economics assignment... I had to do it till 1am ...

So yea grats Cookie for getting 1st place(The power of the lord bless you my friend ) and Karl for 2nd and Sam for 3rd

Okay here we go

Deck using: Anti Meta Gadget...(Gotta thank the cows and Neuxcharge for this)

1st round
Vs Zack
Deck use: BF
Zack BF was too good ...
I side away my gadget on round 2 which is a mistake...
Win with luck... Zack Ran out of monster...

2nd round
Vs ??
Deck use: No idea... there is starlight road, flamevell , bf... and etc... according to soliel.. star/bust deck
I still live in 2008 as I mention before which I completely forgot the existence of Starlight road... and he lure me to activate heavy storm. Fortress Dragon that lead me to victory... yes I end the game both time with Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

3rd Round
Vs ??
Deck Use: BF
Thinking that I will lose... but trap hole save my ass... same goes to gadget
I would not have win if he did not solemn my green gadget

4th Round
Vs Michael
Deck Use: Machina
I cant kill them with gadgets

5th round
Deck use: Synchro base??
No comment...

Top 4 elimination round
VS Karl
Deck Use: BF
Losing Reason: I am nervous and running out of energy
Its a honor to lose to Malaysia champ XD

Vs Sam
Deck Use : BF
Bad hand lol...No monsters T_T and opponent is too strong XD
Its also a honor losing to a champ XP

So this is it guys...

Ended up 4th...and I am happy with that...

Once again people,

Thanks for reading,

This is yugioh community, I am [HD]Lam, approving this message...

Till then, take care people


Ken said...

wow , gratz for getting 1st =D

[HD]Lam said...

Huh??? 4th lar...

Ken said...

lol , mistake , 4th lor ,but wat prizes u got ? PP from korean and wats inside XD

Anonymous said...

Congratz on 4th. You say nice things about your opponents-that's good. Economics is good, too.

[HD]Lam said...

Thank you for your complement =) Will remain the same as a nice duelist in the future =)

MCA said...

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