Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hey whats happening bloggers.

So recently I made lots of deck that are practically not so original nor efficient (but original)

My recent deck builds are:

Monarch+Vanity control

Chain Anti Meta Gadgets

Pussy Samurai ( Cuz I include cards that stop attacks like Scrap Iron Scarecrow and etc)

Dual+Barbaros+ Continuous Trap+ Magical Planter deck.

and Finally What I will be revealing today

D-beat ( Destiny Beat)

Yes this deck is kinda similar to Mr.Rauzes Dark warrior beat or Bergzak Beat

So here we go:

D-Hero Dogma Guy (D0gma) x2
D-Hero Bloo-D (Plasma) x2
The Immortal Bushi x1 ( its enough for me)
D-Hero Diamond Guy (Diamond Dude) x3
Armageddon Knight x3
D-Hero Doom Guy ( Fear Monger) x2
D-Hero Dash Guy (Dasher) x2
D-Hero Diabolic Guy (Malicious) x2
D-Hero Double Guy ( Double Dude) x1
E-Hero Air Man ( Stratos)x1
Zombie Carrier (Plaguespreader Zombie) x1

Trade In x2
Armz Hole x2
Unite We stand x1
Brain Control x1
Warrior Returning Alive x2
Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
Dark Eruption x1
D.D.R x3
Unity of Family x3
Foolish Burial x1
D-Draw x1
Rota x1
Polymer x2
Phoenix Blade x2

and etc
your call
make sure do not ruin the unity of family

That's all folks,

Once again, thanks for reading this post.

This is yugioh community, and I am[HD]Lam , approving this message

till next time people, Take Care~


Goofy Playz said...

What's your favorite move with this Deck?

[HD]Lam said...

hmm there is a few depends on the situation and what you get.

But my personal favorite is synchro spam and summon 2 big muscle maniac.

For instance:
Dasher-> Zombie's effect->send Malicious back to deck-> activate Malicious from grave-> Zombie Carrier-> synchro with Malicious-> Gigan fighter-> D.D.R -> Zombie Carrier-> Synchro with Dasher-> Another Gigan fighter or Stardust
This goes to 2 situation

A: If you have Unity of Family

send Airman back to deck with carrier effect-> During next draw
you could special summon Airman and perform any normal summon or special summon you want for Bloo-D or Dogma

B: If you dont have Unity of Family
Synchro Stardust-> Dont bother sending anything back and just beat it.

[HD]Lam said...

Or the most typical way...

Phoenix Blade effect->Airman->D.D.R->S.S Airman->Search Bloo-D-> Get destroy- Armz Hole-> repeat the same step-> get Dogma-> Polymer-> D.End