Sunday, March 28, 2010

28 March 2010 local Tourny Report

Hey what happening people.

So went to Sg Wang today, and didnt expect to join the local today.

Was expecting to watch KL Drift 2 Again... (its a good show IMO)

So today's match was kinda hectic... as I play against 3 BF decks in 4 duels... yea scrotum luck lol...

So heres da report...

Deck Use: Synchro Monarch with only Krebbons and Plaguespreader

First round
Black Wing
My god black wing.... those crazy chicken swarm like no ones business!! Thank Caius by ending the last game by removing itself and deal a 1000 damage...

2nd Round
Vs ???... nah Just kid LGQ
Hero with miracle fusion and parallel world
Magic Cylinder FTW!!! Ultra Stardust strike back to its original owner!!

3rd Round
Vs ???
Black wing
T___T BBQ !!! I forgot to check my graveyard when collosal its out T__T Should have won but due to my own mistake.... Couldnt blame others thou...
Good duel anyway so win or lose doesnt really matter

4th Round
Vs A player that started 5 month
Black Wing
My god this kids swarm his BF's like no bodies business... His extra deck is far prettier than mine as he has a DT bronaic which I dont even have a bronaic...

So end of the day

Karl got First
Ken got second (if I am not wrong with his name)
and ended up 3rd...

Karl's infernity is gay!!!

In debt with LGQ for rm 50 and only able to pay him 2 months later... No worries I am paying rm 1 interest LOL

And thanks Karl for selling me Birdman for rm 30 ea XD

Next deck to aim...

Birdman Monarch XP

So once again Thanks for reading guys,

This is Yugioh Community, and I am [HD]Lam , approving this message...

Till then people !! Take care!!


Ken said...

lam too strong ad , don walk near me next time , lol ,damn , later u pawn me >.<

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