Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tournament on Sat 22 August 2009

Hola people, nothing much today and this is my tournament report this week.This time I got 4th..

Deck use: Six Samurai ( I put it on top this time or not Ken cant see it)

First Match
Dual Synchro XOX
Good Duel I can say. He had like 2100 left for the last duel and I ran out of monster lol. So yea, I got swarm and rape by phoenix geafried

2nd Match
Warrior Beat OO
The same guy I play with last week which pumps his warrior deck. Pure dominant this time. (Shien FTW)

3rd Match
??? XOO
I think this guy runs a dark deck. Cuz I thought it was BF at first but I was wrong when he summon some darkworld card and activate e-tele to synchro Gouyo. GOt Blast By DDB on da first turn. Still is nothing to be happy about since my opponent is a player who started few months.

MY hauls
GOt 3 DCK for the price of rm 100
1 shien for the price of rm 30
*edited Guess I had to end my week by having bread as my lunch T__T
THats all folks ~

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