Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 key card to win. ( Lams Opinion might not be true)

1. Oppression
Meta deck swarm fast by special summoning. I think oppression might help to play with Light lord, Graveyard BF, Gladiator Beast and so on.

2.Macros Cosmos/Dimension Fissure
Help to stop decks like Lightlord ( the current scariest deck) Graveyard BF. But it helps to benefit glad.

3.Mind Crush
Bye bye to honest, JD or something else... Maybe Gors??

4.Book of Moon
Trust me this card is my saviour in many duels. It help me to counter lots of staple such as mirror force/bottomless.

5.Mirror force
No need to explain its everyone favorite card.

Any questions or comment just leave it at the side of the chat box or on the comment itself. You are most welcome to email me or ask me in MSN as well.


Neuxcharge said...

O.O You got MSN too?

lol cool, i ll add ya =D

You made a true Point about Book of moon, That card Saves lives =)

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