Friday, August 14, 2009

Bribe to Win

Well just like the title, when we are in serious trouble, bribing might be one of the best option. Therefore I create a deck that win base on bribe. The plan is to activate appropriate and force your opponent to draw and you draw and then complete exodia.


D-hero dasher x3

D-hero Malicious x2

D-hero Bloo-D x2

D-hero Diamond Guy x3

D-hero Defender x3

D-hero fearmonger x3

Exodia set

Morphing jar x1


Dark eruption x3

Heavy Storm x1

MST x1

Allure of Darkness x2

D-Draw x3

Magic Stone Evacuation x2


Dark Bribe x3

Appropriate x3

Back up soilder x2

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