Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tournament on Sat 15.08.09

Well last sat i got like 3rd at tourny thanks to Lim GQ. Well since like many people is doing a tourny report might as well i do one to follow the trend =D.

Well first match was XOX
The description is at LIMGQ blog.

2nd match was OO
Playing with a kid with a deck concept of ... I dunno seems like its a SalvoDAD without DAD... and Gear Dragon deck without antique gear. Well that kid is just like 8 so yea ... Well kids got potential.

3rd Match OO
Evil Hero. All hail Book of moon... Life saviour to me. Well basically i didnt actually win his dark gaia but yea thanks to the traps and magic i was able to win.

4th match OO
Well this guys runs a warrior deck that pumps the attack till max... First match was a near lost. Once again... Book of moon save my ass... I monster reborn his tuner and synchro with Irou into Goyou then I attack his goyou and activate book of moon to snatch his goyou. Well basically I won with the monster i Snatch and the 2nd round was a good hand so i manage to end it in 5th turn.

The deck I use was Six samurai series- Swift samurai Slash

Well this is my tournament report. Hope to hear from you guyz

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