Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ShriekV got Suspended-Solution?

Well last night when GQ called me and told me it was suspended and I didn't think deep into it and said well finally he got banned after uploading so many yugioh video's. Yes I admit I am out of my mind by saying that but during that time my head is full with lots of Economist bullshit theory and I had no idea what am I talking about. Well people, there are always many solution on this matter. No worries, ShriekV is a tough guy... He might come out with a new account call Shriekv2 or maybe later V3.

Solution 1
Search for Site like Daily motion, Nico Nico douga or etc

Solution 2
Go download it at Nebstv.

Solution 3
Buy the original DVD

Solution 4
Go give 4kidz a lawyer letter for asking youtube to suspend Shriekv Accounts.

Go live in Japan and you get to see it every week.

1 comment:

Neuxcharge said...

yea, i kinda found other chanels uploading 5Ds starting from this 3rd season so i guess its ok.

I ll really miss ShriekV, Tell him/her/??? Thanks for me : )