Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Konami shouldnt give Malaysia the right to print Yugioh

It is okay if Malaysia print Japanese/ english cards but If they have the power to print, they will most likely print Malay language cards.
I got this funny idea when I passed by Speedy Video today and I saw one of the dub version of Kamen rider Kabuto... (For those who are not rider fan the main character for Kabuto always says おばちゃん言いていた(Obachan itei ta) and lines behind always change.) They change it to Bm which is "nenek saya cakap" that contains the same meaning. I find it funny and the voice they dubbed are like the worse... For those who saw Yugioh Duel monsters that are show in Malaysia like 5 years ago in Bm you understand what I am talking about.

Just imagine changing the card name into BM,
BW = Sayap Hitam
L.L= Lord =Tuhan Light =Sinaran Sinaran Tuhan??? Which is if you translate again is the ray of god.
GB = Binatang Gladiator??
Cyber Dragon = Naga Siber??
Destiny Hero no longer D hero it would be takdir hero instead.
Evil Hero no longer E hero it would be Hero Jahat... J hero

Think again...If they really change it to Bm... I definately not buying the Malaysian version, I rather pay more and contribute to the Japan economy instead.

Dude I dont want them to ruin my favorite card game with wierd name lol.


A Perplexed Duelist said...

Asian English will help cover for us guys. Printing Malaysian cards would just help one specific country and would probably be a waste of time and money.

Those cards sounds funny.

Jessie Wong said...

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