Sunday, September 6, 2009

05/09/09 Tourney report

Deck Use: Underworld Fear

First Round XX
Vs LimGQ all info is on his blog... Deck jam... no comment

second round OXX
Vs gravekeeper
Got tricked.. I was blur thou... That guy told me that Gravekeeper's Guard effect is send my monster straight to the hand... But he didnt flip... I am Lazy to argue because I am tired and moodless that day

3rd round OO
My opponent didnt show up... Win by default

4th Undead Beat?? OXX
Close call... Got raped by Undead Swarm... All hail Mezuki and Shutendoji ... They rocks... Got raped by them and felt proud of it.

Needless to say that yesterday was an all lose match... I should use samurai but lets give a new deck a try.

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