Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Depressed atmosphere??

Recently there is a ranting trend going around the blog sites, well Its a good thing to see peoples feelings and passion towards Yugioh. But too much ranting would just bring down the atmosphere, and it may causes more player to quit instead of increasing, ( I am not saying that ranting is making player quit, I am emphasizing on too much ranting will causes disadvantage). So ranting once in a while is okay but dont make it as a habit.

Konami is also trying their best effort on spreading Yugioh. Asia Edition which are stop like decade ago are now again publish. Just give them some more time. Rarity change which sometimes piss people off are made for purpose for beginners to obtain rare cards easier. ( Although I hate rarity change but its for the good of the game ...)

Hong Kong Konami are just pure ass holes, who the hell they think they are to forbid us to use cards from Shuiheisha Magazine and Limited Edition cards in the Nationals???F U bastards.

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