Friday, September 25, 2009


I am suppose to post on this thursday but when I reach home and I called my team mates regarding to the project we must hand in on monday, well the answer is predictable and its always "Haven started yet" or etc although I had find lots of info for them. Well life goes on, So I had to do it myself and I do not have the time to publish a new post. Okay cut the crap and lets get started. There is few new deck list I made in Singapore ( yes I am bored baby sitting and not able to go out) and the first I am going to publish is Kurenai Samurai.

It is base on a trap card called Kurenai and basically its a suicidal mission. So lets get started

Grandmaster of Six Samurai x3
Great Shogun Shien x3
The Six Samurai Zanji x3
The Six Samrurai Irou x1
The Six Samurai Kamon x3
The Six Samirai Yaichi x3
Hand of Six Samurai x3
The SIx Samurai Yariza x3
Morphing Jar x1

Warrior Returning Alive x2
Rota x1
Cunning of Six Samurai x3
Heavy Storm x1
Six Samurai United x3
Six Scroll of the Samurai x2

Return of the six samurai x3
Spiritual Fire Art Kurenai x3
Double Edge Blade Technique x3
Mirror Force x1

Strategy 1
Strike Strike Strike then Kurenai

Strategy 2
Strike --> Double Edge --> Strike, Strike --> Scroll of six sam --> Strike--> kurenai

Strategy 3
Kamikaze with hand, Revieve, Shien, Attack all, cunning, strike again then kurenai.

As usual, anything to ask pls put a comment or email/message me thanks