Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When a Proton Smoke Porsche 911

Porsche 911 need not to explain is dream car like any man on town. Unlike Proton our National car, Porsche had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better quality and performance than a Proton. But, What are a chances of a Proton winning a Porsche?? Low huh?? Not unless you mod it and you have the skills as a racer.

Lam are you insane? Why are you talking about cars??? How is it going to relate to a cards??? Well...Decks are just like cars, its not the what a deck is made off, it is what makes a deck strong, it is the way you manipulate through the duels and the effort you put in moding your decks.

You can have all the strongest deck in the meta region, but still it is useless if you does'nt how to use them. For instance, there is a kid that day in my locals that uses a black wing deck before sept 1, and I was using an Ojama. True that he owns me with DDB and Armoured wing and etc and raped me at the first turn, but I won the next following two rounds. Ok maybe you do know how to use them, but honestly speaking, Do you prefer winning with a deck that is created by someone else? Or Win with the deck you create?? Think again.

Nothing is impossible my friends, People always have the subconcept of: My own creation cant win meta and bla bla bla. Who knows when you didnt even try it??? (Okay maybe you did but just try a little bit more harder) I believe everyone has the potential in creating a higher tier deck.

Once again, there are no noob players around, there are only beginners and not so professional players. I hate it when after you win a duel you start calling your opponent noob, Its hurtful mmkay? What will you gain from calling your opponent noob? It doesnt bring pride or fame? It will just lower your personalities and make you even noober.

Before I end the post, I would like to confess I like Skyline GTR series and one of the most frequent saying by racers in the western region, Muscle always beats import(jap cars), or maybe european always beats import... But The new nissan gtr-35 proof them wrong, So long ferrari, So long Mc Clarren. This baby have the top speed of 190.7mph which lamborghini murcielago has only 122mph.

Nissan surely prove them wrong. This shows again nthg is impossible and You as a player can make things happen.

Remember guys deck are like cars, fully understand it and mod it your way.

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Neuxcharge said...

lol, Very true , Very true =D