Thursday, July 16, 2009

Waisting your time on character discussion...

On the 3 series of Yugioh animated series, every series has a different main character and every character plays a different way. I still dont get it why people says that his deck is the strongest...For me Atem's deck is freaking unstable and compare to other characters deck. And Atem usually doesn't play with the rules. Look at battle city for instance. Next is Judai. Overall his deck is good until he start adding neo spacians and neos inside. His deck is quite stable cuz he got lots of staple cards in his deck including solem judgement, monster reborn and etc... And the thing that really freaks me out is 3 mirror force on his hand. ( First duel of Titan vs Judai). Yusei has the most gayest deck if you analyze his deck. Not to say much his deck has many gay combo to back up his stardust or other synchro monster...Not to say he is a technician. Well its still a job any way. That makes absolute sense on how he get so many strong cards since he fix things for money. In my opinion I think JAck, Yusei and Crow earn additional cash from Illegal underground racing... (Just joking don't get so heat up) And whats really disappointed is Jacks ego is gone.... Watch 62 and 63 he became a freaking dork after the Godwin case end. By far my most favorite decks are jyounoji's (aka Joey Wheeler) and Yugi's deck ( NOT ATEM).Their deck are freaking good and stable if you asked me. Well I assume in near future we could see Judai again since that Tom Cruise ( After dueling with Saiou 2nd time) rides a bike and a bot. And Sp.Polymer and Sp.Miracle Fusion is available too in the World champion 2009 . + the introduction of Sp world 2 makes Judai easily swam his hero and blast his opp without reducing the Sp counter.

Well thanks for waisting your time reading this freaking boring article. Till Next time... Owh and please feel free and do leave a comment or any message at the comment section or the side chat box ^^ I will be most grateful to reply once I get online.

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