Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Nationals today (4/7/09)

First of all thank you all for visiting my blog. With you guys help I manage to get a 100 views in a week. ^^

Yea so back to topic, so this is kinda like my play during the national tourny.

Well i got a screwed up hand during the starting ^^ tell me who the hell could draw 3 Spirit of the Six Samurai in the first 6 hand without any grandmaster or other six sam >< . I got pretty screwed and thanks to my mirror force and ejaculation device i manage to save my ass and hit the opp till 1700 lp. But the opp finally counter with book of moon and raped my grandmaster and yea after that all i draw was pretty epic, solem, bribe and oppre which is useless because he had summon cyberdragon on his field already T___T. And yea the first match I got screwed by cyber dragon .... yea i know i suck....Oh and i didnt mention my opp runs a BF and i got protected by my spirit few times from preventing my grandmaster to die... oh well i still lost. On the 2nd round i slighly side my deck and added 2 rageki break in. This time, god bless me, Not even a freaking monster. 3 Six samurai unite, 2 warrior return alive 1 spirit, I was like WTF how worse my luck can be???? I then set the spirit in face down and 1 warrior return and six sam unite as decoy, Then during his turn, He s.summon Cyber D , and Blast ,and lance, He then attack with blast and obviously Gale pop out >< 1300 + 2100+1700=5100. Iwas like dam. I still live yea. then the most scariest scene which brought me trauma for tonight which i tried to sleed just now and i cant because everytime i close my eye i recall the scene of the Dark Dive Blasting me. He synchro into dark dive and release Lance and i recieve 800 which i still have2100 left. And then he summon dark arm and yea he did an over kill ^^ by releasing cyber and dark arm and of course dark dive itself. So this is my story about me getting rape in nationals, hope you guys can tell me about your nationals either you are the one who rape or get rape. Till next time..

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