Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dark freezing part of the earth ~

Well guys sorry for not posting for quite sometimes, my college just resume on the 7th of july and I had pretty much stuff to do. Well I was bored in Individual and Families class today i came out with a Hero decklist which is something regarding to the title.

Let me explain the title >< ( Okay I know I had weird sense of name but who cares anyway ^-^)
Dark= D=hero and freezing part = E-hero absoulute zero and earth = Ehero The earth (Elemental Hero Terra Firma)

So here is the deck list

Monster (20)
E-Hero Air Man/Stratos x1
E-hero Ocean x3
E-hero Woodsmanx2
E-hero Captain gold x2
D-hero Diamond Guy x2
D-hero Bloo D/ Plasma x2
D-hero Dogma Guyx2
D-hero Fear monger/doom guy x2
Summon Priest x2
King of Swamp x2

Magic (18)
Miracle Fusion x3
Future Fusion x1
Lighting Vortex x3
Warrior Returning Alive x2
D.D.R x2
Heavy Strorm x1
Monster Reborn x1
Skyscrapper x2

Hero Signal x3
Return from another dimension x1

Damn How stupid am I to forget the Extra deck, Sorry when I was writting this list I was in rush to college.

Extra deck
Absoulute zero x3
Dragon D end x2
Terra Firma x2

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