Sunday, July 19, 2009

The deck I use???

Many of you maybe asking : Hey Lam what deck do you use or have? I cant really answer that because I usually change my deck every week. But I do have few stable deck and a few deck that I wont change quite often.Here are my decks name according to my favourite usage.

First Fav
Pantsu-Sentai, Oja ranger
Its basically about ojama yes its similiar to ojama banzai and I finally got all of them T___T

2nd Fav
Θάνατο ( Death/Thanatos) or personal I call it Meiou no Bakahatsu (Explosion of the Hades)
Its About Archfiends deck and count on Gors/ Dark ressonator and Dark Necrofear luring people into attack and burn them with Hate Buster, Magic Cylinder and Etc.

3rd Fav
Watashi dachi wa uchuu ichi na baka na samurai da !!! Kono yaro!!
Six sam.... yea I know its just the name that sounds cool

4th Souchaku!!! Soubi Synchro no Kyouhu.
Base on the Super gearfried revival I made But 1 samurai and valkrie is taken to add 2 hyper synchro and a new friend ( Black Bulldrago) Like someone asking me Why Hyper synchro??? Why not tuned magician??? My point is to remove it from play so that I could ddr it back. Its risky thou...

5th Jibakushin++++???|
In the progress of copmpletion... Need idea from you people out there ><>

Thanks again for wasting your time reading this... Please feel free to comment on the comment box or the chat box^^ I will be most gladly to reply ^^

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