Friday, January 8, 2010


(Please find out the meaning of the title yourself =) )
Dimension Eatos had became da bomb of OCG player since starlight road is out.

So what so great about this deck anyway?
-It swarm Eatos
-Another Neos does the crazy Kamikaze style with gemini spark
-Dimension Prison Seal enemy away (wooooooo)
-Starlight road stopping cards light vortex and heavy storm
-Starlight road also brings you out a 2500 big stick
-Macro cosmos eats everything!!! ( Mostly ... since lightsworn and undead is reaping everyone's nuts off)

Oh no my topic today is not about reviewing how good this deck can be, My topic today is to teach you how to take this baby down. (although it might not help)

First of all, looking at the deck... What do you guys notice? ( girls as well...)
-No monster in the deck is > than 2500
-Its a rfp base deck
-It has judai's and yuusei's monster
-Neither your stardust cant stop his trap nor activate effect
-and etc

So what should we do??
1st Max out the Damn Monks ( Kycoo) and be no afraid of no damn prison (unless kycoo gets in)
2nd Max out Dust tornado ( you could set another dust tornado or cards like Saku armour or anything you want)
3rd Side D.D.R ( Not dance dance revolution)
4th Beakers x3
5th Fissures x3
6th Royal Decree
7th Not activating cards like Heavy storm, mirror force or summoning black rose
8th Call out any beatstick > than 2500
9th Rageki Breaks
10th Think yourself!!!

So what are the possible decks that could smoke Dimension Eatos?

Gladiator Beast? Try it for my sake
Lightsworn? Sorry buddy not a chance
Black Feather? Maybe... but good bye vayu
Dimension Eatos? Either one D.E will win...
E-hero? Yes wait till parrerel world fusion is out...
Dark deck? No way buddy
Six Samurai? Uh huh... no comment
Hopeless dragon? high chance of winning (due to D.D.R and Swarming of B.A.D (big asses dragons) )
Many more you name it ....

So ways had been teach and solution had been suggested...
So do not whine or complain if you had lost, just record the path of your failure, and make that as your motivational point and then Ice those mutha farking dimension eatos.


Anonymous said...

Does Imperial Iron Wall help in any way? I've never played a D. Eatos Deck before.

Glad to see you working on resolutions against a tough deck.

mike said...

No they just make your wall die to Gemini Spark. XD

Trust me, its a nightmare.

Walau Dragon deck is scary le got so many big boss. Time to unleash Dragon Capture Jar!

[HD]Lam said...

yup agreed, with the power of the Kamikaze Neos and the Evocator Chevalier, Iron wall is down in any minute like Mongolians tries to take down the wall of china (south park references)

D-Slayer said...

lol Dragon Capture Jar - Dragon Piper in response to that

perhaps Probiiton or Divine Wrath / Trap Stun?

Anonymous said...