Sunday, December 6, 2009

スーピド●マニア Speed Mania

Finally everything had come to the end... End of college course (hopefully I passed) No more assignment .... No more exam for quite sometime. Hopefully I could be a NEET for few month but knowing my dad it is just impossible to fulfill this simple dream.

So guys I know it had been awhile since I updated, I sincerely apologize to those who are oftenly reading and looking forward for my new post ( hmm... Is there really someone out there that is looking forward for my new post....)

I came up with a deck idea that is based on Speed Warrior and its actually not half bad when I tried it out on Tag force 4. So for those who are interested in this list, you can actually give it a try.
p.s This is a pure fun deck so do not expect a one turn kill....

Speed Warrior x3
Junk Synchron x3
Turret Warrior x3
One Shot Booster x3
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight x3

Heavy Storm x1
MST x1
Shrink x3
Smashing ground x1
Fissure x1

Mirror Force x99
Limiter Overload x3
graceful revival x3
Skill successor x3
Reinforce Truth x3
Limit reverse x2

Junk Warrior x3
Junk Archer x3 ( N/A @ Tagforce 4 however you can get a real 1 and build this deck)
L4D-Tank x3 (colossal fighter)


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