Sunday, December 20, 2009

Following week schedule ...

Before the update I would want to apologized to Kevin, owner of on the post of instant fusion. Believe or not I did not ( and didnt know about the blog existence and the existence of the article until he claim that the post is similar to his. (So sorry) Proof and apologizing statement has been made on the comment section of the instant fusion article. Post could be remove if its requested.

Okay enough for the serious section, for the following week till the 28 maybe... I wouldnt be posting frequently for several reasons.

on the 21st and 22nd I will be at Penang and on the 23rd till 28th(hopefully) I will be at Singapore.

I was hoping to build a Sun and Moon dragon deck but I am lack of ideas... Any suggestion people?

Hoping to find some D-draw or allure in Singapore... But I am lacking of budget...

Hopefully I could meet friends and bloggers at Singapore ( If time allow.. since I am visiting my uncle...)

Anyways... I will bring my laptop around with me so hopefully... I could get access to the internet while I am at Singapore and Penang so its easier for you guys to find me.

Please dont call my phone during my trip or you guys is going to cry when the bill comes to you...

And finally if I am not able to login to the messenger... Send me an email and I will reply you ASAP.

So till next time people... And oh ... Once again, sorry Mr Kevin for having the same post, I really didnt mean it.
*Edited : One more thing , Abt the suggestion of the forum name, Mike suggested Malaysian OCG forum... Any more suggestion? A poll will be made when a few suggestion is done =) Please do participate... Non Malaysian are welcome to give suggestion too =)


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