Monday, December 14, 2009

About the current Card Store...

Warning: This post may annoyed or offended some reader. The following article is true and its a voice out made by a local duelist. Please forgive for the usage of uncivilized terms.

Okay I believe that many players in Malaysia or maybe Singapore or other country that actually visited the Malaysia local card stores know the gamer arena at Sg Wang Plaza.
This shop could be stated as the monopoly of Yugioh in Malaysia region due to its well known fame of organizing the World, Asia and Local tournaments and the variety of Single cards that are available for sold.

However there are several reason why this shop sucks compare to many other shop that are available. For instance: Ngee Soon CC in Singapore ( I like the shop owner with specs attitude and service provide by him) or maybe more unknown local store in Malaysia.

Out of all things, the first to come is the service attitude.
As people always say, the Customer is always right? hmm maybe this does'nt fit in this situation but what I see in this shop really pissed me off. Given a situation(its a real situation of what I had encounter), I want to buy Falling down ( a eqp card that control enemy monster when archfiend name monster is on the field) This employee look at the card list and said : Go find it yourself, its at the junk area, If its not there than its too bad. Okay I do not mind finding it myself, but could you at least help me in finding it? How the hell you want me to find a single card in a pile of cards? Could you at least offer to help?

Thats not just all people, Last Saturday I want to buy Road Warrior Ultra Rare version from them, I saw the price of RM 20 ( approximately 6.5$) and I think its quite expensive for a reprint rare card, I ask the same employee again ( there is only one so you guys know who the hell I am talking abt) Bro could you give me a cheaper rate, its too expensive , he told me go buy a deck then if you do not want to buy this and dont come and bug me, of course was pissed by what he said but I did a wise act of smilling to him and turn myself away before my anger had taken over me.

And what I heard from LimGQ that day, he wanted to buy a card that he needed for his deck( I forgot what card it is) As usual, as Chinese we usually ask for a discounts... The employee replied LimGQ in a rude manner and he said: Do you want to buy or not? If not get aside ( something similar to what he said) Well luckily he didnt said that to me or I will shout to him on the spot.

And there is once, 2 Canadian players came to that shop and asked for some TCG cards, Suprisingly the employee cant speak english, So I had volunteer myself and help the employee to translate. After explaining the situation of "not having TCG cards in Malaysia" I try to promote the canadian players to buy some OCG for sourvenier. ( Indeed I am a great salesman lol) So they bought some Ancient prophecy OCG cards ( That time ancient prophecy was the new release) and went home with the quite satisfied look. After the Canadian players went off, putting aside that he didnt thank me for helping him, what the employee said really stunned and piss me off, he said that those two came here and disturb the business by playing a fool. For fuck sake dude, open your eyes, they are your fucking customer, how can you say that .

For this case, I hope Mike do not mind if I tell what he had encountered. There is a certain law that you couldnt sell cards in the shop ( cash dealings) Okay first, you did not state a black and white statement on your shop that you will get banned if you are doing money dealings in the shop. Second , you did not have prove on the dealing of money and you simply accuse the player ( as I heard from Mike he got banned due to some misunderstanding of stating the value of money of the card when performing a trade. Eg a $5 card for a $5 card) The employee accused Mike is dealing with cash and the shopkeeper asked Mike to leave. Worse come to all, he told Mike not to come to the shop again. WTF dude, asking your customer to Fuck off and dont come back is the worse thing you can ever do. You could at least warn them personally before you ask them to get lost. And if you did please announce your policy in english, NOT CANTONESE! Not all people understand the language that is spoken by you.

Second fail point of this shop? Overcharge price

People who actually visit there... No comment on the price they gave.... Its like 150% or more than usual places... Since they monopolized the sector... we had to just bare with it...

Third failing factor ? Crappy tourny prize
No comment dude, Who the hell gives 2 tournament pack for first in the locals?? Compare to Singapore ... You get an Ally of Justice Decisive arm for third... ( Ask Ken for info)

So after a long rant, I had came up with a wise decision... FUCK THE SHOP!!!Lets go somewhere else. Malaysian players, Please provide me info of any card shop around KL and Selangor region because I am freaking sick and tired of the service, attitude, price and prize that are provide by the gamers arena in Sg Wang Plaza.

Please do leave down the way of going to the shop or the recommend shop at the comment box below.

Once again I apologized for the usage of vulgar terms to express my anger.


Takamachi said...

i totally agree abt u~i went there 2 times be4~and the booster packs are kinda exp,last time i bought a 3 in 1 pack(i dforget is 3 in 1 or 5 in 1),it state at the packs saying that comfirm got 1 at lease super card inside,but when i open up there's no,then i go to ask for the explaination(coz the last time i go paul[shop owner] said can be claim bak if dun have any inside)
ut i get scold by that casher there...=.= lame seh~

Joel Jalleh said...

Agreed, but for now that's the only shop I know that sell cards. I also would like to know about other places... :)

SHANE said...

yeah u rock!

adz said...

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