Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bad ass Gors from the underworld VS Huge Lobster Tragoedia

Heres the effect of Gors and Tragoedia (For those of you who dont know)

Hmm...How should I actually gonna start this.... oh well life goes on yea...

First they both have a nice attribute of dark which is suitable for Dark deck?

Both are fiend.... Which is my fav type....(because you can actually activate hate buster which is currently one of my fav trap)

Attack.... Couldnt actually compare because by default Gors is a bigger bully than the lobster but in the field situation might be different.

Effect... Gors might be a threat since it can summon a token to avenge for you, While tragoedia have several effect that is quite fun to play with ( Synchro assist could me one of them)

Summoning condition... Trag-kun has absolute advantage.

card artwork? Gors look more gansta than Trag

Name? Gors beats Trag flat... ( Gors: Eat that B*tch! I am the Emissary of Darkness)

So in my humble opinion, I personally prefer Gors as you guys know I prefer card work more than effect, but in this comparism , Lobster-kun has an upperhand in terms of effect and attack (if you have more than 5 hand)


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