Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super Equipment Phoenix Gearfriend Revival...(stupid name)

Hey guys, its me again bringing you the newest deck i made which is Super Equipment Phoenix Gearfriend Revival deck. Here are the deck list:

Phoenix Gearfried x3
Evoltector Chevalier x3
Phoedelyzer x3
Dual Summoner x1
Blazing Bewildering Butterfly x3 Dark Valkryia x2
Future Samurai x2
Card Gunner x1

Card of safe return x1
Swing of Memories x3
Reinforcement of the Army x1
Heavy Storm x1
Foolish Burial x2
D.D.R x3
Arms Hole x3 Phoenix Blade x3
Supervis x3
High Speed Releasing Wave x1

No Traps

How to use this deck??
Plan A Graveyard Revival. Foolish Burial , Card Gunner , Swing of memories, Butterfly and Supervis helps to bring back cards from graveyard. Mostly phoenix gearfried or Chevalier.

Plan B
Remove from play then special summon. Using DDR of course and removing them by Future samurai and phoenix blade .

Plan C
Massive Beat. Attatch Supervis to butterfly and activated the effect, butterfly effect and supervis effect help u get 2 gearfried from grave easily then try your way to summon as much as you can to deal an humoungus damage to your opp.

Once again hope you enjoy playing this deck


Anonymous said...

Dude, fix this.

Unknown said...

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