Friday, June 26, 2009

Journey and Cards I get from Singapore

I grab pretty much stuff from Singapore. 3 structure deck 17, 1 korean White horn dragon as you see above, 3 ddr (2 of them are not mine) , 2 card protector, and 2 anni pack XD ( finnally i had a complete set ) Well if you didnt know White horn dragon is 1 of my favourite card in the game and i couldnt afford it in Malaysia since its rm 120 ( 40USD) Well Korean cards are pretty rare here in Malaysia so I bought that White horn with 8sgd which is approximate rm 20 to collect and use. I saw the GS normal bronaic for 30 sgd. I didnt buy it since it isnt worth it because I can find cheaper ones in Malaysia. For those who are intrested Dark Dive Bomber is 40sgd over there.

During the trip i had went to 2 of the local card shop in Singapore. Well finding them is harder than you can imagine if you go blindly. I walk alot during my past 7 days. I even took the wrong train to the wrong place and I nearly lost myself few times.... Oh well back to topic. the first shop i went was at Bishan. The card owner is nice and polite and he is the one who sell me the korean card. Although the shop is smaller than my bed room,(seriously i am saying its very small) but yea its a nice shop any how. And i played over there with my samurais and we....lost.... (Shouldnt had simply mod the deck to fun play but owh well i had my fun as well) The opp played D formers and I can say that deck is very good. The score was 1-2. And we traded some cards.

The next day I went to a shop in Yishun. Its in a place called Ngee Soon Community Club (Konami wrote centre ) I stop at the Yishun MRT station and took a cab to the place. The Taxi driver which is a pain in the ass scolded me just because i showed him the address without a Block. I keep telling him that the address without the block but he still insist the address is wrong. Then I got pissed and i told him to bring me to street 81 and put me there i will find it myself. After a 5 minutes taxi trip i arrived at the street 81 and he told me something that i felt like punching him in the balls. He told me: " owh its community club, no wonder no block LAH" I was like WTF ... I payed him 5 dollars and i get down from the cab and start finding that shop Excel Cs. I went in and i got shock. ALl i see was a community centre that people plays basket ball and badminton. I walk to the signboard and search for the address #1-04 and what they wrote there was convienience store. I start to feel depress because today is the 2nd time i went into a wrong destination. ( I went Marsiling before that). I felt thirsty and think that maybe i can get some drinks at that store and went i get nearerI saw Judai hanging beside the Cup noodle poster. I was in Joy and i ran into the store and this is where heaven comes. This store is the Sg Wang of Singapore . ( Malaysian understand that term) Which is they sell cards in a rip off price. But for some staple cards is consider cheap. The price of the bronaic and ddb i mention above is from this store as well. The service I will rate them 2/5 and I kept hearing people swearing for no reason which I dislike it the most. Its okay to swear but dont make it an habbit. I played there as well and since I wouldnt want to offend any BF users I am not gonna say the score here.

The last day before I came back to Malaysia I bought my last anniversary pack which complete my collection. I got my first TCG card there as well. I use a gale and a anni pack Jinzo to trade with a english LADD. Its a good card for my first TCG...

Hope you enjoy reading my whole journey, however there are still many more card shops at Singapore that i havent visit. I will leave that later to go with my cousin and friend together. Mail me for more info!


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