Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blue Trident

Well Air Gear fans lets pray for the great kansai leader of Trident-Yoshitsune. As you guys know that this crazy leader died in a cool way to protect his city.(He failed) Therefore i made a deck called the Blue Trident for his memorial death
As you can see in the Description this dragon is crazy. Attack of 3000 and it can attack up to 3 times ???!!!! But many people tell me its hard to summon it... I was like huh wth? Summoning this is as easy as shiting. Its fast and easy. have a look at the decklist below and you will see why i say so.
Blue eyes White Dragon x3
Margo Dragon x2
Ally of Justice Kaiba Man x2
Debris Dragon x2
Emerald Dragon x2
Red eyes darkness metal dragon x1 (3 if you have 3)
Yamata Dragon x1 (Trade in purpose )
Vanguard of Dragon x2
Morphing Jar x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Dragon Mirror x2
Ancient Rule x2
StarBurst x1
Future Fusion x1
Heavy Storm x1
Summon Skill x1
Hand destructionx3
pot of avaricex1
Gold Sacro x1
Swings of memories x2
Trade in x2
Monster Reincarnation x1

Extra deck
Trident Dragion x1
Chain Dragon x2
Gouyo Gurdian x1
Stardust Dragon x1
Red Dragon Archfiend x1
Mental sphere Demon x1
Explode Wing Dragon x1
Five God Dragon x2
Blue eyes Ultimate dragon x2
add what you like till 15
Birthright x2
return from another dimension x1

Plan A
Dragon Beat. Blue eyes + Darkness metal +blue eyes or etc. All of them are heavy attack dragons.

Plan B
Summon Trident. This deck summoning Trident is easy!!!! Blue eyes + Magro/ Emerald + Debris/ C-Dragon + Debris / Yamata + Magro.

Plan C
Last Summon 5 god/head dragon or Blue eyes ultimate dragon. This are your final trick sleeves.Then... Return from another DIMENSION. Buahahaha although half of your lp is gone but its still worth it.

Have a good time playing with this deck~till next time~[HD]ラム

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