Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Say no to 運命(fate/destiny)

Do you believe in fate?? No I definately not believe in fate.

I was bored that day midnight and before sleeping i come up with some wierd decks ideas and yea this is the deck i came up with which is called D.D Fate Control.Its a combo of both D's.Deformer mobile phone and Diamond guy. Here is my decklist of the deck
3xD-HERO Diamond Guy
3xMorphtronic Celfon (D. handphone lar...)
3x Turbo Synchro
1xSummon Priest ( 2 would be fantastic)
1xCyber Dragon
3xJunk Warrior

3xOne for one
3xLighting Vortex
1xReignforcement of the Army
2xInstant Fusion
1xSynchro Cancel
1xWarrior return Alive
2xMachine Duplication
3xMorphtonice Accelerator (D speed unit)
2xDual Summon
3xArchfiend's Oath
1xCard of Safe return

2xThreatening Roar
1xDraining Shield
1xTorrental Tribute
1xScrap iron Scarecrow ( Kuzutetsu no Kakashi)

Extra Deck
1xOjama Knight
1xFlame Swordsman
2xany lv 5 fusion monster or below
1xTurbo warrior
1xGoyou Guardian
1xMental Sphere Demon
2xAncient Fairy ( If you have ddb or black rose heck ancient fairy)
2xGigan Fighter
3x Red demon dragon

This deck playing style is either complicated or retarded.
Plan A
activate one for one for s.s handphone then machine duplication s.s 2 from deck. If there is one in the hand just activate Morphtonice Accelerator to send them back to deck. Then set 2 at defence 1 at attack mode. Roll dice for the first defence and check the cards.If you have archfiend oath activated them and since you know the first few cards in your top deck just name it right and add it to hand. Then summon diamond guy activate its effect if there is magic. Activated the attack position handphone to shuffle the cards if you dislike them and the 3rd defence 1 to check it again to see what cards are the following cards you draw.Do protect your monsters with cards like wabuku or draining shield or Scare crow. every 1 of them is the key of success.

Plan B
Summon God/Wicked God
This deck s.s speed is godlike if you ask me. One for one and machine duplication is the best combo for s.s 3 at once. Summon priest could make a good row too and here is where dual summon strikes in as a great role to summon gods.Instant fusion helps too.

Plan C
I think i wouldnt need to explain much in this plan. There is always a reason why one of the handphone must be in attack mode. This is to lure your opp to attack them instead of diamond guy. On your next turn simply summon any tuner and synchro the amount of lv u want. it would be like a 2+1+4+1 or 3+1+4 or 1+1+1+4 just name it. and Junk synchro will also pull back a lv 2 below which will make it easier for synchro. Instant fusion is just another key card for synchro.

With this deck do you still belive in fate you draw for your next turn???And thats all this deck guys. til next time.

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