Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lam's ramdomness~~

After watching bunch of video whiles stoning on starbucks while having my green tea latte, I notice I had ran out of deck Ideas. Although I had tried building Copy plant J&D with the help of verger, But that deck seems to be unstable ( I misread dark verger effect) Modding on samurai, seems to be a bit weird to power up that deck. New Anti Meta play style? No Idea yet. So what can Lam build?? Misawa deck??? Nah it will remind me of Misawa getting naked running around DA. Ojama was my last build which I got the idea of Natural Tune from Rauzes. Synchro Beat??( Focus on synchro change + DDR + ARMZ hole) Not so stable yet.

Okay after struggling for some times, I notice that I could make a deck out of necrofear!! But how? We cant use the old bakura style... HEadless night atk position and lure atk and etc, it doesnt work this way anymore. Archfiend of gilfer might be a good help.

Speaking of archfiend of gilfer it reminds me of Rauzes in Malaysia. I find his combo-ing Archfiend of Gilfer in a pretty awesome way. Armageddon Knight toss gilfer then gilfer attach then activate fallen to steal. Its pretty awesome to me thou.

Blue eyes deck-- Need a new playing method, seriously Konami!!! Kaibaman digivolve to blue eyes, ancient rule, swing of memories , Howling burst stream attack, BEWD atk x2 then Super fusion attack again and what eva or other playing style fusion, dragon mirror or etc. Name me some new playing method I dont know > < Btw Trident Dragion is awesome.

D-hero: Stop making E-hero cards and start making new D you douches

Finally about the SEA qualifier... F*ck you!! F*ck hong kong konami for prohibiting us from using Shiuheisha magazine and LE cards. Who do you think your daddy is?? Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee?? ( I had been saying this for 4 years straight lol)

Disclaimer : While writting this post I am a little high so bear with me if I offended you or etc, I sincerely apologized if I offended any of my readers although I find nothing offensive. And I am not Drunk while I am writting this post

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