Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daddy's home~

What up homies!~

HDLam is back in the HOUUUUSEEEEE~

So whats new?

Nothing~ the same old gansta me~

So just a quick update after not blogging for a year,

I am not dead....

I am gonna start blogging back until my semester start...

Now I am using Infernity~

And I had no idea what to play now~

So you people out there~ Do this old time fool a favor~

Suggest me a deck/decklist to play in the comment section below~ or the side of the chat box

Oh if you guys happen to see my name in DN~ Just drop by and say hi

And if you guys are looking for my facebook, just search for HDLam

To those who are seeking for relationship? Sorry Im taken~

So yea will start blogging on deck ideas soon~

and peace out Homies

This is Yugioh Community, I am HD Lam pimping the streets once again~


dynames00 said...

you can play Laval now, it's a very good deck

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Amit Parashar said...

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