Friday, November 20, 2009

The Legend Of the Guardian Eatos

Okay nothing much too say. Got sick, got bored, escaping from assignment pressure, played psp , remembered about Eatos, felt interested, and make a deck out of it.

Overall result
9 won 1 lost... Yusei's Saviour Star rape Eatos ><

Deck Base?
Remove from play

Key Card
DDR, Guardian Eatos, Bazoo the soul eater, Armz Hole

Deck List
Guardian Eatos x3
Bazoo The Soul Eater x3
D.D Assailant x3
D.D warrior lady x3
D.D warrior x3
Kycoo x2
Zombie Carrier x1

Armz Hole x3
D.D.R 3
Monster Reincarnation x2
Megamorph x1
Brain Control x1
Dimension Fissure x3
Soul Absorption x3
Soul Release x3

Mirror Force x1
Big Burn x3

Extra deck?
as you wish


joe2400 said...

i just wanted to say you have created a strong deck for her especially for her summoning but is it possible to make a deck that also possesses the other gaurdians? i am trying to work on one myself and with beast worrior type monsters its going quite well but i would like some advice

phuongtran said...

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uhm! I think aboet it!

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