Monday, December 15, 2008

Equip Card Of the week#1

Assult Armour!!!
A card used by Yuki Judai at the Anime.This card is pretty awesome which add 300 attack to the equip warrior type monster.Not just all By sending this card to the graveyard the equip monster could attack twice during this turn.

Basically this card is made for Neos.Well This is how it works:
If Neos is on the Field eqp this card to Neos and send this card to graveyard so Neos could attack twice and deal a 5000 damage to your opponent.Better still if he has a monster with an Attack of 3000 then it will be an OTK.Neos Attack the monster with the help of Honest which is total up attack of 5500 when attacking the 3000 monster and then it attack again which is the total of (5500-3000)+5500=8000 instant kill.Grinder Golem Could make this combo but make sure to clear your field because this eqp card could not activate if there is other monster in the field Article by~[HD]ラム


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