Thursday, November 20, 2008

正義の味方カイバ-マン!!Ally of Justice Kaibaman!!

Well this card is always cool to me because its a tribute to our dear (社長) which is as known as Seto kaiba in english,Besides of its cool display*(okay maybe i am the only one who think he is cool)He is also capable for Blue Eyes Deck which is one of Fav..

Strategy of using it??
Well it is a warrior so searching it will be very easy by using reinforcement or Shining Angel effects when it is destroy by battle or our fav card of all time kurita(i kinda hate it coz i am a racist who hate things with 3 eyes).You could also add him back to hand easily by just playing the  warrior returning alive.Although it has a weak attack of 200 ,but it could be quite convienient for damge converter to special summon it.The best thing of this card is still summoning the Blue Eyes part so yea.~~Article by [HD]ラム

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